A Guide To Throwing An Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

‘Tis the wedding season right now, and with it comes a barrage of invitations to bachelorette parties. If you’re at that life stage where all your friends are getting hitched, you’d better be prepared to know a thing or two about planning an amazing hen’s party!

Already been ‘arrowed’ to do the planning? No fret; read on for the hen’s party planning guide you never knew you needed.


Tip #1: Choose a direction

Fortunately, there is no one true formula for bachelorette parties. But that means you could do anything – almost – and call it a hen’s party! Think about what the bride-to-be enjoys doing or eating. You could plan some relaxing activities like getting manicures together, or something more hands-on like attending a craft workshop together.

Of course, don’t forget the food, as what’s a party without one? Cater delivery from her favourite eatery for some cosy vibes at home, or bring the squad to a fancy place for the ultimate treat!


Tip #2: Prepare the guest list 

Traditionally, bachelorette parties were an all-girls affair for only the closest women to the bride. However, the definition has loosened these days and men are sometimes invited.

As the bride’s best girl friend, you are expected to know who needs to be at this all-important party! Often, the bridesmaids are a must at the party (rather, they tend to be the ones planning it). Additionally, the bride may want to invite her sisters or close relatives, depending on the scale and nature of the party. If in doubt, there’s no harm in asking the bride-to-be so that there’s no room for unhappiness.


Tip #3: Plan out decorations 

You want it to be a night to remember, so decorations are a must! You can go as wild or as simple as you wish, as long as they look good in the photos. A fool-proof approach that never goes wrong? Helium balloons!

There are plenty of things you can do with balloons as party décor, including preparing a photo backdrop area for snapping those Instagram-worthy photos. Set up the wall with a banner or customised balloon arrangement, get some hand-held props, and let the hilarity ensue.

Need an ultra-fuss-free solution? We even have a customisable décor combo set for bachelorette parties which include balloons, a personalised sash, and a tassel garland – it’s everything you need to set the party in motion.


Tip #4: Have a fabulous time!

Once everything is planned out, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and just have fun with the girls! After all, the simplest gathering can also be unforgettable as long as you are with the right company.

It will be a night to celebrate the bride-to-be and the friendship you all share. Spend some time to appreciate each other and cherish the time together, and remember to take lots of photos.



With the above tips, you’re on your way to planning the ultimate bachelorette party. Once you have nailed down your activity and venue, we welcome you to make a virtual stop at our party supplies shop in Singapore to order party essentials and decorations online. We’re getting excited to see how we can help you style up your best bud’s fantabulous hen’s party!