Do Hot Air Balloons use Helium?

Hot air balloons are a beautiful and unique way to offer gifts for any occasion. When you give your gifts in our Hot Air Balloon Gift Baskets, all eyes will be on you. And you might be wondering if hot air balloons use helium? The answer may surprise you! Let’s take a look at whether hot air balloons use the helium.

Hot Air Balloons with basket

Do Hot Air Balloons use Helium?

Yes, A hot air balloon uses helium. Helium is a gas that is lighter than air, so it helps to lift the hot air balloon into the air. Our Personalised Name Helium Hot Air Balloon Gift Basket is a stunning and gorgeous way to present gifts for your newborn. You’ll be sure to have eyes on you when presenting your gifts in our Hot Air Balloon Gift Basket with the giant balloon to swing slightly and it will definitely be the centre of attention.

Hot Air Balloons with basket

Why Use A Helium Hot Air Balloon?

A helium hot air balloon is the perfect way to add some excitement to your next event. Whether you’re planning a party or just want something unique and memorable, this big helium hot air balloon will certainly do the trick. Not only will it be an eye-catching conversation starter, but it’s also incredibly easy and safe to use.

Float time is approximately 12 to 24 hours. However, this is affected by surrounding temperature, indoors or outdoors. In any case, please order your balloon for the actual day of the event.

Jellycat Gift Hamper Hot Air Balloon with basket

How Does a Helium Hot Air Balloon Work?

Using a helium hot air balloon is surprisingly simple. First, you need to fill the balloon with helium gas. This can be done at any store that sells party supplies or even online via mail order companies that specialise in balloons and other decorations for events. We offer everything you need to make your celebration a success at Misty Daydream.

We have a large selection of personalised helium hot air balloons that are ideal for presenting gifts for your newborn. If you don’t have time to prepare, we also offer a large range of add-ons for newborn luxurious baby gift bundles, all of which may be personalised with your own personal message. Misty Daydream is the place to go if you’re seeking for the perfect gift or a unique way to show your loved ones how much you care.


Hot Air Balloons with basket

A Helium Hot Air Balloon is an amazing way to add some excitement and fun to any event! If you’ve been searching for something truly unique and special for your next event or celebration, look no further than a helium hot air balloon! Not only are these beautiful balloons incredibly fun and easy to use but they also make perfect for all kinds of occasions! So get ready to add some extra flair and excitement to your next gathering by using one of these magnificent balloons today!


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