How Much Helium for 36 Inch Balloon?

Have you ever seen those really big latex balloons at parties or special events and wondered how on earth they get them to float? The answer is helium, and in this blog post, we’re going to tell you how much helium you need to fill a big 36″ helium balloon.

How Much Helium Does a Big 36″ Balloon Need?

The answer may surprise you – it takes quite a bit more helium than you might think! A 36″ balloon requires 15 cubic feet of helium, which is comparable to one F50 canister. That might sound like a lot, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. With our party package, you’ll get everything you need to fill 10 big 36″ balloons. So whether you’re planning a birthday party, graduation party, or just a fun get-together with friends, we’ve got you covered.



Why Choose Misty Daydream?

When it comes to buying balloons, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want to make sure you’re getting a good deal, but you also want to be sure that the balloons you purchase are of high quality. That’s why Misty Daydream is the perfect place to shop!

There’s no better way to get the party started than with a big bunch of balloons! At Misty Daydream, we’ve got a great selection of 36″ balloons in a variety of colours and styles. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, wedding, or just want to add some extra fun to your next get-together, our 36″ balloons will do the trick! Plus, our prices are unbeatable! So what are you waiting for? Come on over and get your balloon fix today!


36inch Pink Customised Balloons

So there you have it – everything you need to know about filling big 36″ balloons with helium. Now all that’s left to do is decide how many you need for your next event!


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