How to inflate Helium Balloons without Helium?


Have you ever wanted to inflate a balloon with air instead of helium? If so, this is the post for you! You can still manufacture beautiful balloons without using helium gas! Let’s look at how to inflate a balloon without using helium, as well as some of the science behind it.




Helium Gas

A balloon must be filled with a gas that is lighter than the surrounding air in order to fly. This is why we frequently employ helium to make balloons fly—helium is significantly lighter than air. But what’s the purpose if you don’t have helium on hand? Don’t worry, you can still produce your own fantastic balloons without using helium gas! This is how.




Grab some empty water bottles, a tiny funnel, baking soda, and distilled vinegar to get started. Add a few teaspoons of distilled vinegar to the bottom of the water bottle and a few teaspoons of baking soda to the balloon using the funnel.

Take the balloon’s lip and place it on the bottle’s neck. Attempt not to pour any baking soda into the bottle while you’re at it! The most incredible thing will begin to happen after you hold up the balloon. Without the use of helium, the balloon will begin to expand.

If the balloon isn’t expanding rapidly enough for you, shake the bottle and the response will happen faster.




The entire procedure takes only a minute or two, but after the baking soda meets the vinegar, it only takes about 30 seconds or less to inflate up the balloon before the combination begins to fizzle. As soon as the balloon is filled with air, remove it from the container in question. Get some ornamental ribbon to tie at the end, but not before you’ve perfected the knot.




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Filling balloons without helium doesn’t have to be tough; all you need is a little creative thinking and perseverance! Keep in mind that with this procedure, it is simple to get your balloons flying again without the use of any additional equipment. So grab some balloons and let’s start filling them up again!


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