How To Make Helium Balloon Last Longer (Hi-Float)

There are some tricks you can use to make the helium balloon last longer to create a great look for any event or when gift-giving.

Sometimes, the helium might run out too fast, and you may not enjoy it for long, especially with longer events. When you order helium balloons, you want to ensure that they will last longer than the party or occasion you are having. 

The following are some tricks you can use to make the helium balloon last longer:

How To Make Helium Balloon Last Longer

Here’s why and how:


1. Avoid placing in high heat or sunlight

If it is warm outside, latex balloons are typically only able to last one day outside. In the presence of sunlight, wind, and heat, latex will biodegrade. The heat drains out the helium from your balloons fast, and they might become flat before your event ends. You need to keep the balloons in a cool place so that they can last much longer. If you use them outdoors, try to place them under a shade or wait till the last minute to hang them up. 

When you are using the balloons indoors, try to avoid placing them over heat vents or anywhere that is heated. Concentrate on putting the balloons in cool places so that they last longer. Make sure you are purchasing from the store that practices this as well.

2. Hi-Float

If you are using latex balloons, you will need them in the air for a long time. One of the best ways to ensure the balloons last for a long time is to have them injected with HI float. This is a non-toxic and safe chemical that has been made with a specific formula that will extend the life of your balloons. The balloons will have an extended floating time because the chemical compounds in the HI float will make them float longer. 

Once the HI float is injected into the balloons, it will slow down the process of the helium diminishing. This will leave the balloons floating for a long time. This formula is injected into the balloons before the helium. Even if inflating the balloons at the venue, you can still have them injected with HI float before you pump helium in them.

3. Chose thicker latex

A lighter late balloon will allow more heat inside, and the helium will run out fast. If you are having an event outside, you should choose thicker latex balloons because they will remain cool for a longer time and therefore float for longer. If you suspect that they are heating up too fast, you can spray the balloon surface with cold water to keep them cool.

Before you take your balloons home, you can talk to the store about other ways to keep the balloons for longer. You need to ensure that the helium balloons will last long and make your event a memorable one in the end. 

4. Keep the balloons in an air-conditioned location.

In hot weather, keep the balloons in an air-conditioned location so they can dry quickly. If the room is too hot, your balloon may burst. You should run the air conditioner when inflating HI-FLOAT-treated balloons in rainy weather. High humidity can interfere with the drying time of balloons and will dramatically reduce a balloon’s float life.