How to make Helium Balloon Last Longer?


Given the amount of time and money it takes to fill them, the least your helium balloons could do is stay floating for the duration of the celebration. Unfortunately, these balloons never seem to cooperate and end up floating about near the floor before the last visitor has departed. How can I keep helium balloons to last longer? It all comes down to selecting the proper materials.



Preparing Helium Balloons

Misty Daydream offers a wide variety of balloon shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. And because our balloons are constructed of high-quality latex, they will stay floating for hours. Whatever sort of balloon you are searching for, Misty Daydream has something to make your occasion unique.




Caring Helium Balloons

1. Avoid direct sunshine

Heat and direct sunlight are kryptonite to balloons. Keeping your balloons in a chilly or cool environment can help them survive considerably longer than they would otherwise. Maintain a steady temperature for foil balloons to avoid being shocked and destroyed by temperature variations.



2. Precautions for Pets

If you have pets, keep your balloons in a room that they cannot reach. When you leave your puppy and feline mates to their own devices, they will have a great time playing with the strings and perhaps puncturing the balloon itself. This is also a good idea for the protection of your pets, since they might become entangled in the threads or the popped balloon.



3. Hi-Float®

If you’ve bought our helium balloons and need them to float for an extended period of time, we can help! Hi-Float® would be injected into each latex balloon. Hi-Float® is a non-toxic and extremely safe chemical with a special composition to increase the floating time of your balloons.



Helium balloons can make every special occasion or event more colourful and entertaining! Whatever kind of special event or occasion you are planned, Misty Daydream helium balloons will make it spectacular! Misty Daydream’s crew is happy to assist you learn more about conserving your balloons and enjoying them for as long as possible. Contact us now to obtain all of the answers you need!


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