How to stick Balloons on ceiling without Helium?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your home or party space with balloons, but don’t want to bother with helium or expensive balloon weights? You’re not alone! Luckily, there are some simple and affordable ways to stick balloons on ceilings without the need for helium. Let’s discuss how.

Ribbon and Tape

The simplest way to hang balloons from your ceiling without helium is by using ribbon or string and tape. Start by cutting long pieces of string or ribbon and tying them around the balloon knot. Next, use clear packing tape or double-sided tape to attach the other end of the ribbon/string onto the ceiling. Make sure to secure it firmly so that it won’t come loose when you let go of the balloon. If necessary, add a few more pieces of tape for extra security. This method works best with lightweight balloons such as Mylar (foil) balloons, as these will remain in place much better than latex ones.


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Double-Sided Tape

One of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of attaching balloons to the ceiling is using double-sided tape. Simply peel off one side of the tape and stick it on the ceiling in the desired spot. Then, take a piece of string and tie it around a few balloons at once so that they form a bouquet. Finally, take off the other side of the tape and stick it onto the strings of your balloon bouquet. This will make sure that your balloons stay in place for hours on end!


Tacky Putty

Tacky putty is another great way to attach balloons to any surface without having to resort to helium or balloon weights. Tacky putty works just like double-sided tape, but has an added bonus—it won’t leave residue behind when you remove it from walls or ceilings! Like using double-sided tape, take a piece of string and tie it around several balloons at once so they form a bouquet. Then, press firmly into one side of your tacky putty and affix it onto your desired area on the ceiling. Finally, press down firmly into the other side of your tacky putty until it sticks onto your balloon bouquet strings!


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Command Strips

Command strips are also great for sticking balloons onto ceilings without having to use helium or balloon weights. To use this method all you have to do is peel off one side of command strips and press firmly into place onto your chosen spot on the ceiling. You can then attach strings from multiple balloons together into a bouquet before pressing them into place on top of another command strip that has been peeled off its backing. This will ensure that all those colourful balloons stay in place for hours on end!



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Sticking balloons on ceilings without helium doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—all you need are some simple materials like ribbon and tape, double-sided tape, tacky putty, or command strips! With these items in hand plus some creativity you’ll be able to easily attach colourful balloon decorations anywhere you’d like without worrying about making a mess or breaking the bank. So go ahead—get creative with your next party décor project by sticking those colourful latex decorations right where they belong—on your ceiling!


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