How to Use Helium Tank for Balloons?

At Misty Daydream, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make your event special. That’s why we offer helium tanks for rent. But if you’ve never used a helium tank before, you might be wondering how to get started. Don’t worry—it’s easier than you think! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of using a helium tank to fill balloons.

Step 1: Choose the Right Balloon

The first step in using a helium tank is to choose the right balloon. There are so many options to choose such; Birthday (11 inch latex, 24 inch bubble balloons set, or 40 inch giant foil balloons), Wedding (36 inch giant latex round balloons), Latex Round Balloons (11 inch, 36 inch) and Foil/ Mylar Shaped Balloons (16 inch heart/star foil, 40 inch giant number balloons). If you’re not sure what kind of balloon you need, our team at Misty Daydream will be happy to help you choose the right one for your event.


hot Pink Cascading Confetti Chrome Helium Balloons Bouquet


Step 2: Fill the Balloon with Helium

Once you have the right kind of balloon, it’s time to fill it with helium. Most helium tanks have a valve that can be turned to open or close the flow of gas. Be sure to open the valve before attaching the balloon—otherwise, the gas will just escape through the valve and you won’t be able to fill your balloon.

Once the valve is open, hold the neck of the balloon over the helium tank and allow the gas to flow in. As the balloon starts to fill, you may need to hold it down with one hand so that it doesn’t float away. Continue filling until the balloon is as big as you want it—just be careful not to overfill, or the balloon may burst.


Number Foil Layered Helium Balloons Bouquet


Step 3: Remove the Balloon from the Helium Tank

Once the balloon is full, it’s time to remove it from the helium tank. First, make sure that you close the valve on the tank so that no more gas escapes. Then, carefully remove the tied neck of the balloon from around the nozzle of the tank. Hold onto the balloon while letting go of the neck—otherwise, it may float away before you’re ready!


36inch Ivory Customised Balloons


Now that you know how to use a helium tank, stop by Misty Daydream and pick up yours today. We have a wide selection of balloons in all shapes and sizes—and our team would be happy to help you choose what’s best for your event. We can even deliver your rental Tank directly to your door! Contact us today for more information or questions about How To Use A Helium Tank For Balloons.


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