Personalised Presents Your Children Are Going To Love

Thinking of doing something different for presents this year? Whether it’s for your child’s birthday or for Christmas coming up soon, we have some brilliant gift ideas for you! Instead of the usual toys or stationery, why not gift them something that will be uniquely theirs?

Personalised gifts are fantastic gift ideas for kids, mainly because children love to feel special. Having their name on things makes them feel seen and recognised, and there’ll be no room for getting things lost or arguing with other kids and shouting, “That’s mine!”

Getting personalised gifts these days is so straightforward – simply place an order a few days in advance, and receive the gift right at home! Here are our current favourites that are also great as children’s presents:


1. Balloon


Few children can resist wanting a balloon, and if your kid is one of those who love balloons, you can’t go wrong with this one! A great addition to any gift set or party décor, customised balloons are quite easy to find, and they come in a huge variety of designs too.

It may not last for long, but the thrill of seeing their name on a balloon will make them remember this gift for a while. Up the ante by choosing a jumbo helium balloon, confetti balloon, or stuffed bubble balloon to properly impress your little one!


2. Personalised stuff toy

Personalised stuff toy

How about gifting your child a soft and fluffy little companion to make bedtime cosier? The ever-popular Jellycat stuff toys are incredibly adorable and soft to the touch, perfect for children or the young at heart. You can even gift them as part of a baby hamper to your loved ones or colleagues!

Make this gift even more unique by choosing to get your child’s name embroidered onto the toy – you can do that by having the name embroidered on the bunny’s ear or as an add-on sweater. It’s so cute; you might even be tempted to get one for yourself!


3. Water bottle

Water bottle

They will never lose a water bottle in school again with this personalised gift. A personalised water bottle or thermos is the ultimate practical gift for a schooling child, as it will accompany them to school and encourage them to stay hydrated.

Not many people can say they have a water bottle with their name beautifully printed on it, so your child is sure to be excited to show this off! If you have more than one child at home, this also makes it so much easier to identify their bottles and pack the right one for each kid.


4. Name signboard

Name signboard 

Every child has a phase of wanting to decorate their own room. This will be a wonderful contribution, especially if your child is just ‘graduating’ into getting their own room in the home. Pro tip: If you are throwing a birthday party, use this signboard for decorating the kid’s party before using it as home décor!

Besides having their name on the signboard, you can choose from a variety of designs to suit their interests or style, making sure it reflects what they like. From there, they can decide where to place their new name signboard – on the door to their room, a wall over their desk, or on a display shelf.



Most children love seeing their names on things, which is why personalised gifts are such a great idea for children’s gifts. Now, you have no excuse to say you have no idea what Christmas gifts to get them this year!

For more selection on children’s birthday or Christmas gifts in Singapore, we also have plenty of offerings and customisable options to choose from! Get started today, and contact us to place your orders.