Signs Of Love: Creative Ideas For A Custom Wedding Signage

Custom wedding signages are all the rage because not only do they add a personal touch to the wedding setup, but they also serve as beautiful keepsakes and home décor afterwards. The most common use of customised wedding signages is as welcome signs, which set the mood for the wedding and make sure your guests are at the right place (yes, going to the wrong event hall does happen!).

However, you don’t have to settle for the usual welcome sign or other wedding signage, for that matter. Directional signs, guest seating plans, wedding event rules, and more – whatever the sign you want to make, let’s get a little more creative and explore a few exciting options for your custom wedding signage!


Boho botanicals with a transparent sign

Before you say, “This is not fresh; flowers are at every wedding!” – hear us out. Instead of placing botanicals to frame your sign, why not have them behind? You can achieve a modern yet boho effect by arranging lush green foliage behind a transparent acrylic sign. Having white text against the green foliage will help your sign stand out while fitting in perfectly with a botanical-themed wedding. The key to making this work is keeping the sign very simple and monochrome so that the textures of the foliage can shine subtly in the background.


Industrial vibes pipe hanger 

Bring some edginess into your wedding with this great idea for an industrial-themed wedding. A pipe clothes rack works great as a sign hanger; all you need is to add some hooks or clips to hold the sign in place. Depending on your wedding colours, you can opt for pipe colours in most metallic colours – including copper in a rose gold hue or classic yellow gold.


Guest book wedding sign

How many people actually read through their guest book a second time? If you’re someone who would like to keep your loved ones’ well wishes close by, you can let the welcome sign double up as the ‘guest book’! Simply lay out some permanent markers for guests and ask them to write their well wishes on the sign itself. After the event, you can display the sign in your new home for regular reminders of your special day and all the people who celebrated with you.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Well, not actually on the wall – we prefer our mirror signages propped up on an easel stand, as this allows it to be placed nearer the welcome table. For a true fairytale effect, opt for mirrors with detailed borders to give off Victorian, antique vibes. Such designs work amazingly in venues with more history, like old churches – or if you are aiming to recreate such an effect at your wedding venue. To complete the look, choose gold-coloured tiffany chairs for your venue, or why not add some dreamy balloon bouquets to your wedding?



Putting some thought into your wedding signage is a great way to inject character and style into your wedding venue. If you intend to keep the sign afterwards, consider how it will fit into your future home, size-wise and style-wise. At Misty Daydream, we offer a selection of pre-designed templates that you can easily customise by inserting your names, date, and one or two welcome phrases. With the option to select various colours and sizes, there’s bound to be something that will fit right in with your wedding theme.

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