5 Best Teacher’s Day Custom Gift Ideas 2022

Looking for quality and practical teacher gift ideas? Show your gratitude for teachers’ hard work with our amazing range of customised gifts.

Disclaimer: Teachers don’t expect any gifts. That is just the kind gesture from parents and students to show a little token of appreciation for the hard work teachers put in all year round. It can even be a handwritten card with the message you would like to relay. Your heartfelt appreciation is valued far more than any gift. That said, if you would like to gift your teacher a thoughtful gift that he/she will keep and use on a daily basis, thanking them for educating, nurturing and taking care of your child, then this is the list that will make it easy for you to browse through to find a suitable gift we have curated.

Being a teacher is more than a job. It takes not only knowledge in their subject field but also patience and empathy to guide our little ones. After all, they are humans just like us and it wouldn’t harm to give them the spotlight every once a year!

When is Teacher's Day 2022?

This upcoming Teachers’ Day falls on the 2nd September 2022, Friday. It is the time of the year to express gratitude to our dedicated and inspirational teachers in Singapore.

Here’s the secret to a meaningful Teacher’s Day gift: skip out on the red pens and personalise your gift with us! Personalised gifts add a personal touch to show your child’s/your teacher that he/she is valued.

Read more to find out what are our top 5 gift ideas for a meaningful gift.

Teachers Day Gifts - Custom Printed Mug

1. Customised Mugs

Here’s to the caffeine addicts! Even if you are unsure if your teacher is a coffee or tea lover, these customised mugs are the perfect everyday use gift. Nothing beats hitting the pantry with a unique personalized mug that you can call your own.

Check out our 2022 Teacher's Day Customised Printed Mugs Collection here.

2. Customised Notebook

Still thinking about stationeries essential in a teaching kit? Consider this luxurious-looking and practical customised notebook. Help our teachers remember important details of our little ones by noting it down.

Covered in a saffanio leather cover with functional slots. Not forgetting, it comes with a matching color pen so you can forget about that red pen! Check out saffiano leather notebook here.

teachers day gift saffiano leather notebooks

3. Customised Clipboard

This functional and aesthetic clear acrylics A4 clipboard is the perfect combination to keep our hardworking teachers motivated. It allows you to clip all important documents in one place and it is easy to carry around. There is also a hook for the clipboard to be hung.

Check out our custom printed acrylics with metallic gold clip clipboard here.

4. Customised Thermo Bottles

Teach and stay hydrated in style with these sleek and insulated bottles. Perfect for keeping beverages hot or cold. This is especially handy for our teachers who are travelling from class to class.

Check out our customised bottles for Teachers' Day here.

Teachers day gift - Custom Thermo Bottles
Teachers Day Custom Bubble Balloon

5. Personalised Bubble Balloon

Take your creativity on another whole level! Balloons are the epitome of celebrations, and it can definitely be sure to surprise – imprint Teacher’s Day celebration as a special and memorable occasion in the hearts of your teachers. But of course, do keep in mind the feasibility of this gift by consulting the school first.

Click here for the helium balloons gift ideas.

Ultimate gift-giving tip

Most importantly, as the saying goes “It’s the thoughts that counts”. Be sure to keep the person in mind while you are choosing a gift or creating one yourself. With that, you can be assured that they will feel appreciated.

If you are occupied with daily work and also if you are not an art and craft person, let us help you to sort out marvellous Teachers’ Day gifts on your behalf. From thoughtful small little gifts to curated gift box sets, we have sorted different gifts that would suit each and every teacher’s personality.