The Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Successful Baby Shower

A baby shower is a momentous and joyous occasion for all parents. Planning it, however, can be an intricate affair with dozens of moving parts the host needs to be on top of. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to make this process as easy as pie and fun for everyone involved.


1. Where, when, and who? 

The first detail you’ll need to finalise is the location of the baby shower. Will it be held at your house, a hotel or somewhere else entirely? You might even consider picking a place with some emotional connection to the mother, like a favourite restaurant or a park they frequent.

Next, you need to decide on the timing of the shower. There’s no fixed period for when a baby shower should be held, but people tend to gravitate towards having it when the mother is in her third trimester, usually in the first month or so. By then, the parents would be far enough into the pregnancy to have set up the gift registry but not so far along that they’d be too exhausted to participate enthusiastically.

Finally, curating the perfect guest list is a must. You need to decide who the invites should be extended to and who you should leave out. When sending out the invitations, they should also include all the vital details like venue, time, date, the RSVP and gift registry details.


2. Pick a theme

Now that you’ve decided on the nitty-gritty, you can get to the creative aspect of planning a baby shower. Choosing a theme often makes all the other details easier to plan out. It offers cohesion in the party, so everything looks and feels just right. For instance, a fun theme could be centred on a favourite children’s book or movie. You can even get the invitations customised to match!


3. Get the perfect baby shower decorations

Decorations are crucial to creating an immersive and enjoyable baby shower experience. You can go big and get the most elaborate decorations, or keep it small with some helium balloons and flowers. Transforming a space to be baby-shower-ready can be as simple as picking a few key details and focusing on them. A photo wall, for instance, can be both aesthetically pleasing and hold significant sentimental value.


4. Organise some games

No baby shower is complete without some fun games. Some research will reveal a broad, diverse range of games you can play. You can tailor the games to the group size, party aesthetic, and even theme. Some practical but enjoyable games include guessing the baby’s due date or trivia questions about the parents. If you’re a more adventurous lot, games where you pin the diaper on a cut-out of a baby while blindfolded or bob for pacifiers in a vat of water are also fun options. These fun activities make an already special occasion even more memorable and bring the party together like nothing else.



They are myriad ways you can go about planning a baby shower. Planning an event like this allows expecting parents to feel supported. So, whether you decide to go all out or keep it a simple affair, remember to have fun with it! And for stunning customised gifts and high-quality bespoke party decoration essentials, shop with us at Misty Daydream – Singapore’s one-stop-shop for all your party supply needs. Contact us today to learn more!