Where to Get Teachers’ Day Gifts in Singapore?

Gift ideas for Teachers’ Day…Teachers’ Day gifts 2022…I’m sure these phrases seem familiar to you when you are searching up on Teachers’ Day gift ideas. Well, you are off to a great start. But let me help you take it a step further! Not only do you need to know what to get, but also where. So here are some tips on the places you could explore while you’re looking to get a Teachers' Day gift.

 1. Stationery Shops

Papermarketsg Stationery
Image: Papermarketsg Instagram

Looking for teaching kit essentials that every teacher needs? Here is the right place to start. From pens, to pencil cases, to files and every other office supply can be easily found here. You can also take it up a notch by looking at shops that also provide art supplies. For instance, patterned papers, colourful washi tapes and adorable stickers are the ideal ingredients to craft your own DIY gift card or scrapbook! Our favorite places to shop for art and craft stuffs would be at
Art Friend, Overjoyed, Popular, Paper Market etc

2. Flower Plants

far east flora home plant
Image: Far East Flora Stay Home with Plants

Looking for plants for a teacher with a green thumb? Or perhaps looking at flowers as a gift? Florist shops are definitely the place you should be searching for. To plant some gift ideas in your head, you could consider terrariums, mini air plants or succulents that look aesthetically pleasing. For flowers, you could consider daisies, tulips or carnations. You can check these great places out and their range before heading down or simply order online, at
Far East Flora @ Thomson, Soilboy, d'Floral Sense, PottaPlantta

 3. Online E-commerce shops (Personalised Gifts)

Misty Daydream Teacher's Day Custom Gifts

With the advancement of technology today, you may also easily search “Teachers’ Day Gifts”, and there will be an endless list of shops. To help you filter through the endless list, you may want to include personalised gifts in your search terms.

Personalised gifts add a personal touch to your gifts, turning your gift into a unique and memorable one. You may start off from Misty Daydream's personalised Teacher's Day Gifts Collection here.

Time to Head Out on Your Search for Gifts!

Great teachers can have a lifetime impact on us. They not only teach us lessons from the textbook but also important life lessons. So let’s take this time (that only occurs once a year) to express our gratitude and appreciation. Now you have both ideas on what and where to get Teachers’ Day gifts, you are set to go! We hope that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your extraordinary Teacher.