Bridal Shower/ Bachelorette/ Bridesmaids Gifts Ideas

Bridal Shower Gifts Singapore

It can be stressful when it comes to getting down to the details of wedding planning and celebrations in Singapore. From finding a wedding planner, wedding venue and the perfect wedding dress to setting up a wedding date or wedding registry. But it can definitely take a load off your shoulders when you’ve got your closest friends supporting you through your entire wedding journey. Especially if they’re playing the part of your bridesmaids, there’s no better way to say thank you than presenting them with customised bridal shower gifts during your bridal party.

Looking for bridal shower gift ideas? If you’re looking for meaningful gift ideas for bridal showers, take a look at these top bridesmaids’ gift picks that can be personalised with them in mind. 

Customized Bridal Shower Gift Ideas to Get Started

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of bridesmaid gift options available in Singapore? We are here to help you in narrowing down on our top bridal shower gift ideas. Not to forget, the best part is that you can add a wedding festivities personalized touch to your bridal shower gift. Simply have your gifts personalized and customized with a custom name or text!

1. Satin Robe and Sleep Mask

This is your bride tribe dress code goals for an unforgettable bridal shower date night! Dress up in matching satin robes as you prepare for your bachelorette party and complete the look with a sleep mask. Choose from a range of colours to keep it on-theme and it will make the perfect chic gift for a bridal shower. Lastly, simply add on texts like “bride to be” and “bridesmaid” for a personalized look.

2. Makeup Bag

On top of makeup bags, our personalised acrylic clutch bags also make the perfect companion to carry around for all their makeup needs. Take it up a notch by filling it with makeup and skincare favourites – your friends will be in for a surprise!       

3. Compact Mirror

With different font selections, you can customise a handy compact mirror to suit your friend’s style and aesthetic. For extra functionality, choose rechargeable 3-tone LED compact mirrors so your best buds can use them anywhere, anytime. 

4. Gift Box

We have also specially curated a collection of lovely bridal shower gift boxes. They are a great way to pop the question to your girlfriends – Will you be my bridesmaid? – and they will be quick to agree. Nonetheless, these gift boxes will also make a sweet surprise for a bridal shower gift to convey your thanks.

For All Your Wedding Day Needs and More 

These decorations and customised gifts will make the perfect accessory and gifts for you and your girls during your bachelorette party! After all, it is a special party to celebrate the day you finally get to wear a wedding dress and walk down the aisle. And it is only once in a lifetime – make it an unforgettable bridal shower with your bride tribe.

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