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Baby Gift Hampers in Singapore 

Buying a gift for new parents is a walk in the park for some. But it can be an uphill battle for non-parents.

What do new parents need?

What kinds of gifts would be aesthetic yet practical?

If you are looking for something presentable yet functional for new parents, baby gift hampers are it!

Usually, gifts to babies are small in size. Hence, it may not be possible to carry those gifts separately. Hampers are like baskets and help overcome this issue. That’s why you can carry all those small gifts in one hamper.

Luckily for you, Misty Daydream has the perfect hampers for any occasion. Our baby gift hampers are packed with baby essentials. Based in Singapore, Misty Daydream is the platform for personalised gifts and party supplies for multiple occasions. 

Tailored to Your Needs

Did we mention that our baby gift hampers are customisable too? You can keep anything in a hamper. You can keep dolls, soft toys, food items, bathing essentials, and more! This means you can decide what to include in it and how you’d like to decorate it. Simply browse our website and check the items you’d like to include in the hamper.

Why Choose Our Hampers?

You can easily find tons of baby gift hampers all over Singapore, but what makes our hampers so unique?

Firstly, our hampers and boxes are designed with a sweet look to appeal to both babies and parents alike. We utilise soft colours and covers that babies are sure to love. 

Furthermore, our hampers are able to hold multiple gifts from plush toys to name plaques. You can also customise your gift box and include items like stuffed animals, comforters and more.

Finally, we are also pleased to offer delivery services for our customers in Singapore. Simply choose the items you want to include in the baby hamper and we will handle the packing and delivery for you! View our delivery options for more information. 

Shop today and we’ll get your baby gift hamper ready!