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Birthday Balloons in Singapore

No birthday venue is complete without some elegant yet artistic balloons!

Singapore might be a rather space-scarce city. Nonetheless, there are plenty of venues around the city to have a joyous celebration. And, there is no denying that the right decorations can instantly bring new life to any party venue.

Whether you are hosting a 21st birthday party or a 1st birthday party for your child, there’s nothing quite like jazzing up your birthday venue with some festive balloons.

The search for the top party planner in Singapore is over because Misty Daydream and our full line of party supplies are here to help you. We offer an extensive collection of birthday balloons that can even be personalised with the birthday boy/girl’s name.

How to Choose Your Birthday Balloons

There are plenty of balloons to choose from. But which set should you go with?

Consider these aspects before making your purchase:

  1. Theme of the party: Is it going to be a regular celebration or will you be having a theme party where guests are encouraged to come in quirky costumes? Either way, go with something simple if your venue will not include too many decorations but feel free to play around with different colours and patterns if it is a theme party.
  2. Colour: Stick to a colour scheme that the birthday boy/girl would prefer. Luckily for you, our balloons come in sets as well as individual pieces.
  3. Cost: Sure, everyone loves receiving gifts but over and underspending could leave a dent in your wallet or negative impression. Do your own homework and settle on a package that fits your budget and appeals to your recipient and party-goers.

Your One-stop Party Supply Store in Singapore

Whether you are having a small and intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we have the supplies you need for the perfect party. Browse our birthday balloon collection today, and let’s get your venue-party ready – we offer delivery services across Singapore!