Creative Balloons Sculpture – Birthday Number Foil Giant Numbers


Pre-assembled  Organic Balloons Sculpture base, with beautiful arrangement of foil. It will be center of attention no matter where you place. Comes with 2 giant number Foil Balloons and 1 supersized main foil with some decor elements. (For example, 2 giant number – 2 and 8 silver and supersized foil – crown in the display image). They are a little under 1.7 meters height, easily customizable to any color theme, and they usually last good multiple days.

Though organic balloons sculpture can never repeat an identical bunch, it’s always unique and amazing.

Lead time : 1 WEEK, where it is factoring in the timeline to communicate and liaise via WhatsApp to make an awesome combo 🙂

Due to its massive size, it can only be transported via Van type vehicle. Please opt out with “Helium Balloons Delivery” Option if you are opting for delivery or Self-Collection (only to collect via van/ won’t fit into normal sedan car)

If the sculpture is  for less than lead time allowance do not place the order online yet,  please WhatsApp us at 82227491 to check first with the required date and time.

    For example, the display picture color theme is of "Black and Chrome Gold, with a bit of white". Please type in ONLY 3 colors max so that the arrangement will be nice and clean



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