Metallic IRIDESCENT Tinsel Curtain Backdrops 200cm x 100cm


Party Fringe Backdrop Gold Sequin Wedding backdrops/ Tinsel Metallic Curtain

Great party decorations over doorways, party walls and tables!

Add some sparkle to your displays, parties and events with our bright gold metallic foil slash curtains.

For a full frame backdrop, you may need to use 2-3 packet to have 2-3 meters width.

Fits most standard doors! 200cm x 100cm



The curtain comes folded in packaging.

Please note you will require sticky tape and or blue tack to hold the curtain up! OR

You may add on additional water glue dots 100 dots roll @ $2 which works like bluetack to hold it strongly onto the wall and easy to remove as well.
Please click on the water glue dots roll image to purchase.



★ 2 meters (height) x 1 meters (width)

They have a sleeve top to make them simple to hang and the drop can be easily trimmed to whatever length you need.

Using Best grade Metallic foil Material available in the market ?


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Metallic Series

★ G O L D
★ S I L V E R
★ R O Y A L B L U E
★ R E D
★ M A G E N T A
★ L I G H T P I N K
★ B L A C K
★ I R I D E S C E N T
★ G R E E N
★ L I G H T B L U E
★ P U R P L E







Shimmering Series

A Splash of Gold, a dash of Glitter and a whole lotta festive Cheers.

Apart from above selected 11 colors for metallic tinsel backdrop series, we have launched backdrop with Shimmers for the Glamorous Look ?
★ G O L D
★ S I L V E R
★ R O Y A L B L U E
★ R E D
★ M A G E N T A
★ G R E E N
★  B L U E
★ P U R P L E



Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14.5 × 1 cm

Metallic GOLD, Metallic SILVER, Metallic RED, Metallic ROYAL BLUE, Metallic MAGENTA, Metallic LIGHT PINK, Metallic BLACK, Luminous IRIDESCENT, Metallic PURPLE, Metallic GREEN, Metallic LIGHT BLUE, Shimmer GOLD, Shimmer SILVER, Shimmer ROYAL BLUE, Shimmer RED, Shimmer MAGENTA, Shimmer GREEN, Shimmer PURPLE, Shimmer BLUE


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