‘[Premium] 2D Two-Lines Modern Line House Unit Number Plaque Signage


Clean and classic design is what makes the Personalized Unit Sign stand out. A beautiful gift that can be set outside the house, or on the main door. A beautiful plaque to be featured on your entrance gate/ door.

Comes in individual letters. We will provide the stencil frame.

SIZE in width: 20cm-50cm. Recommended sizing for hdb 20cm.

** 3M adhesive double sided tape to adhere the wall/door will be provided.

Customisation lead time : 5 to 7 working days. (Please buffer additional 2-3 working days delivery time if you are opting out with mailing).

You would receive order confirmation via email notification once the production is done.

-Please allow up to 5% of imperfection and some allowance on the “wood” surface only in condition due to the nature source supplied. Only to purchase if you are comfortable.

    Door Unit Sign Material Colour Chart



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