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Halloween Balloon | Star Wars Balloons | Best Foil Balloons in Singapore

Introducing our spook-tacular Halloween Themed Helium Balloons, where enchantment meets frightful delight! If you are searching for an alluring Halloween decoration that will cast a spell on your guests and elevate your eerie ambiance, look no further. With our hauntingly charming collection of Star Wars/ Halloween Helium Balloons your Halloween party will be elevated to a whole new level of ghastly greatness!

But that’s not all ! We also offer an exclusive collection of Star Wars Themed Foil Balloons, as we believe in catering to every Halloween aficionado’s taste. Unleash the force within you and let Darth Vader join in on your ghoulish celebrations. with our Star Wars/ Halloween Helium Balloons. These foil balloons will add a touch of intergalactic adventure to your Halloween party, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all fans of this iconic franchise. These foil balloons are perfect for a Star Wars fan’s birthday party!

Our Halloween Themed Helium Foil Balloons are made from high-quality foil material, ensuring longevity and durability throughout your spooky soirée. With their impressive size and vibrant colours, these balloons will steal the show, serving as the perfect centrepiece to any frightening festivity. Decorate your haunted house, hang them from creepy corners, or create a supernatural photo booth that will leave your guests screaming…with delight, of course!

These Star Wars/ Halloween Helium Balloons and foil balloons add a touch of spellbinding delight to your haunted home or spooky venue. With their long-lasting float time, they will captivate your guests from the moment they arrive until the witching hour strikes!

So, whether you’re planning a frightful Halloween extravaganza or simply want to add a touch of magic to your spooky decorations, our Halloween Themed Helium Balloons are the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your imagination and create memories that will last a lifetime. Order yours today and let the hauntingly enchanting journey begin!

Spooky Balloon Bouquets

[Character] Star Wars Darth Vader Foil Balloon + Confetti Balloon Bouquet

Our foil themed balloons some individually and in balloon bouquets! Each balloon bouquet is crafted specially by us with a combination of stunning foil balloons and latex balloons. These balloon bouquets are perfect if you’re are looking for something that gives your party decorations that ‘wow’ factor!

Customised Balloons For Special Occasions

If you are looking for a more unique gift to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or would really like to impress your guests with your decorations, check out our personalised helium balloons! You may choose to pair our foil balloons with a customised bubble balloon! You may choose to customise it with a personalised message or a name. There is nothing more heartfelt and special than a personalised gift for loved ones!

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Misty Daydream Singapore is your one stop shop for helium balloons and party supplies! Check out our wide array of foil balloons, themed balloons, latex balloons, customised gifts and more! Whether you are looking for themed balloons for a festive occasion or personalised balloons for a baby shower or birthday party, we have it all!

We also provide balloon delivery services and are able to deliver to any address within Singapore.