How do I earn Rewards Points?

First of all, simply sign up an account with us to store the Rewards Points. Make sure you have logged in your account and for every SGD 1 purchase, you will be credited 1 MDD Rewards Points. For instance, if the total amount of purchase in the order is $19.50, you will be credited 19 Rewards Points once we have confirmed and processed your order. On top of signing up and purchase rewards points, you may also earn rewards points by writing products reviews, and sharing through social media platforms.

How can I check my current Rewards Points?

You may log in to your MDD account and the rewards points will be under dashboard tab.

How can I redeem my Rewards Points?

There is a shopping cart icon on the menu bar at the right top corner of the page. Simply click onto the shop icon or else visit . You would be able to see your available rewards points as well as an input box for you  to key in points to redeem provided that you have logged into your account and had purchased with this account previously.

Will the points be automatically added?

For Purchase Rewards Points, Account Sign Up Rewards Points and Product Reviews Rewards Points, it will be automatically credited. You should see your purchase rewards points once we have dispatched out your parcel. Just to take note that points will only be added after we have processed and dispatched out the order, but not immediately when the order is placed.

For Type 3 Google Review Rewards Points, Type 4 Facebook Review Rewards Points and Type 5 Instagram Tag & Mention Rewards Points, you may earn points by telling us why you love MDD products in each platform. Once the entry has been posted online, do send us an email to [email protected] which includes your ORDER NUMBER + DIRECT LINK of your post. Your social media account has to be public and authentic user.  You will be notified by an email once your entry has been approved and when points are awarded to your account. Each customer is entitled up to 10 times social media rewards points credits per year.

Is there an expiry for my Rewards Points?

The Rewards Points will expire in 365 days after the points have been credited.