Teachers Day Gifts and Balloons

Personalised Teachers’ Day Gifts in Singapore

It’s that time of the year again! Where teachers have their arms filled with sweet treats, red pens, a flower bouquet and many other gifts. Teacher’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how to express our gratitude and appreciation towards our dedicated teachers. If you’re stuck on gift ideas, Misty Daydream offers the best teachers day gifts in Singapore to put a smile on your teacher’s face and make their remaining school year a great one.

Remember when remote learning was a thing? I’m sure it was as difficult for working parents and our teachers. Thoughtful gifts are the perfect way to thank your child’s teacher for their hard work throughout the year, but it can be a bit tricky – particularly when you have more than one teacher to buy for! So we thought we’d help by curating this extensive collection of customised teachers day gifts.

Did You Know?

Fun fact! Did you know that Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in the United States of America? While in Singapore, we celebrate Teachers Day on the last Friday in term 3 of school. A day dedicated to teachers day compares nothing to the hard work they place in every other day. So let us help you shower your teacher with a personalised gift as an appreciation.

Can Teachers Accept Gifts?

Gift guidelines may vary from school to school. However generally, teachers are allowed to accept inexpensive gifts or handmade gifts. If you’re worried about the prices of our gifts, do not fret! In curating our teachers day gift collection, we have ensured that these gifts are affordable. Additionally, it is our duty to source for quality materials to assure a satisfactory gift for your recipient.

Why Personalised Gifts Make a Great Gift?

We all know that being a teacher involves a huge responsibility and is no easy task. It takes more than just teaching the knowledge of a subject and a whole lot more patience and empathy. A teacher is required to engage with the students; to guide them in the early course of life; to inspire these little minds for what the future has in store for them.

It is hard enough with one student, but imagine now, a whole class filled with students and handling more than one class. Hence, as parents or students ourselves, it is important not to forget our kids’ teachers’/our teachers’ efforts. To keep our dedicated teachers motivated and going, let us help you convey your gratitude with Personalised Teachers Day Gifts,

Personalised gifts are a great way to create a meaningful and memorable gift, regardless of the age or gender of the teacher. Simply having your teachers’ name being printed or engraved onto your gift, adds a personal touch to it. This leaves behind a unique gift that creates long-lasting fond memories. From our personalised mugs and tote bags with fun and quirky quotes, to our stylish drinkware, luxurious notebooks and clipboards. The wide array of gifts are guaranteed to make meaningful and practical gift ideas that your favourite teacher will love.

It is our goal to provide you with personalised and creative designs, so that each gift is special. We also offer a broad range of tailor-made party goods that are sure to get your guests in the mood for a special occasion unlike any other.

Mailing & Self Collection Information

While planning when to order your teachers day gift, kindly take into consideration the production lead time required to create your gifts and the mailing time (if applicable). You may search for this information present in every individual product listing.

We offer two types of mailing options: Standard Courier Mailing and Express Courier Delivery that takes a shorter time. Alternatively, if you’d like to personally collect your gift, you may opt for the Self Collection option at the checkout page. For last-minute gift shoppers, if you are unsure if your gift will be ready on time, you may SMS/Whatsapp us at (+65) 8222 7491 or email us at [email protected] For any other enquiries, feel free to contact us and our team will be pleased to assist you.

Thoughtful Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas

Search for the perfect gift for teachers day with our curated collection of teachers day gift. There’s much to love about in our collection of teachers day gift. These gifts are practical, meaningful and also affordable (since there is more than one teacher for each child). So read on as I introduce you to our top 5 favourites and to inspire unique gift ideas!

  1. Personalised Printed Mugs

A cup of coffee a day keeps the tiredness away for our hard-working teachers. Even the best teacher needs a rest sometime. So nothing beats hitting the teacher’s lounge or pantry with their favourite energy drink, on a tiring school day. Combined with our fun, vibrant and cheery designs that screams “pick me up!!”, it’ll be sure to brighten up a teacher’s day at school.

Additionally, have your gift personalised by simply providing us with their name to be printed on the mug. And if you’d like, you can customise your own words of appreciation and a cute message to keep your kid’s teacher or favorite teacher going!

Not only can our personalised printed mugs serve as a motivation and a mood lifter, it is a practical and useful everyday gift. A reusable cup that can store all kinds of beverages, from coffee, to tea and many others.

  1. A5 Leather Notebook

It’s time to upgrade your gift ideas from red pens to our A5 Saffiano Leather Notebook Set that includes a matching pen! Covered in a luxurious-looking Saffanio Leather – with 5 inner card slots and 1 large slot – it makes a stylish addition to your teachers’ teaching kit essentials. Within the notebook, it is a detachable/ refillable A5 single line booklet.

This is the perfect practical teachers day gift that can also function as a bullet journal, allowing our teachers to stay organised on top of the load of work they might have. Nothing can go wrong with a bullet journal/notebook! It will definitely be useful for your teacher who handles more than a class. They can write reminders and little things like a handwritten note or message in case they forget something important.

  1. Tote Bag

Pens and markers…piles of homework…assignment papers…are constantly present in the life of a teacher. These are things they have to bring into the classroom daily and we have the perfect teachers day gift to help your teachers. Introducing our Personalised Tote Bags! This handy tote bag can be used to carry their teaching supplies and other knick knacks. Besides using it for school, it can function like any other everyday handbag – for shopping, a spa day, bringing it to their favorite restaurant etc.

In addition, it is printed with teachers day designs. We also offer personalisation options to add a custom name or message. This makes the perfect present for teachers who are proud of their job as a teacher. It gives them an opportunity to carry it and show off to their friends or family in a fun way!

  1. Stylish Drinkware

It is important to teach but also to stay hydrated. For our teachers who are constantly speaking to a class of students, it is essential to protect their throats. The good news is, we have the perfect teachers day gift for this! Check out our sleek and stylish insulated thermo bottles. It is best for keeping your beverages hot and cold from day to night. This is ideal as a practical gift for our teachers who are always running from class to class.

Complete your drinkware gift with the teachers’ name printed on it for a special touch. This may even come in handy when a teacher misplaces their bottle! Students in the classroom can identify whom this bottle exclusively belongs to. Nevertheless, this teachers day gift will make a practical and useful everyday gift, yet well-thought with a unique personalisation of your preferred font type and font colour.

  1. Clipboard

Ever heard of an aesthetic and functional clipboard? Look no further than our personalised clipboard A4 Clear Acrylics Clipboard. Each having creative designs and artful combinations, it would definitely be aesthetically pleasing on the teachers’ desk and keep one motivated to work!

Not forgetting the gold finish clip that adds to the clipboards’ stylish looks and is perfectly functional. It replaces the push pins teachers might use to organise important documents. With this personalised clipboard gift, they can easily clip all documents in one place without having to worry about losing them. In addition to that, it has a slidable top hook for teachers to hang it by the wall!

 Ultimate Teachers’ Day Gift-Giving Tip

Finally, we have reached the end of our comprehensive teachers day gift ideas! We hope that it would help you pick out a teachers day gift more easily for this upcoming teachers day.

Ultimately, actions speak louder than words. Having put in the effort and time to pick out a present specially for them, your teacher will definitely be able to feel your appreciation. Even if it may just be handmade gifts or a homemade card that only seems a little something, it may mean a lot to them.

One of the popular quotes in Winnie the Pooh mentions that “Sometimes the little things take up the most room in your heart”. And as the saying goes, it’s the thoughts that count. Regardless of what gift it might be, as long as you put in the effort to pick out a gift, your gratitude and appreciation would be felt. To help you best express your appreciation for the best teacher and any other teacher during teachers day, browse our collection of teachers day gift today!