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Best New Year’s Party Decorations in Singapore

The festivities of Christmas gift giving have come to a close, and now, as we eagerly await the arrival of the New Year, a fresh wave of celebration is on the horizon! Let’s open a new door and welcome in the new year with a bang!

Looking for a custom gift or fun party supplies in Singapore for this festive season?

Our collection of Chinese New Year and New Year Balloons and Party Supplies has everything you need for an unforgettable celebration during the holidays, whether it’s with your family or an important person in your life you wish to start the upcoming year with. Start the night off in style with our custom helium balloons, designed with all your favourite colours and festive designs. Make your new year’s party decorations stand out with stunning serveware, banners, balloons, and more.

Our decor is sure to set an upbeat, joyous atmosphere, and your family and friends will love it! With New Year balloons and party supplies, you can rest easy knowing that your celebration will be a hit.

This New Years, for all your festive needs, we bring you the best New Year decoration ideas and party supplies in Singapore, including Chinese New Year as well! So grab a bottle of champagne and wine and let the celebration begin with our colourful paper fans, stylish tableware, and eye-catching balloons.

Plan the Perfect New Year’s Party to Kickstart the year

Are you thinking of hosting this new year’s eve and you have no idea what to do? It doesn’t matter if you have never hosted before because here at Misty Daydream Singapore we will tell you the secrets to planning an exciting and memorable new years celebration that is sure to impress all your friends and family.

A successful new year’s party isn’t just about champagne, wine, and a countdown! Choosing the right new year’s eve decorations and setting a consistent theme is what really elevates your celebration.

We have curated a stunning collection of New Year party supplies that will transform your house into the ultimate celebration venue. After all, we are your one-stop shop for party supplies in Singapore! From decorations to tableware, paper goods, and elegant gold accents, we have everything you need to make your New Years a fun night to remember.

9 MUST have essential New Year decorations:

1. Balloons Banonza

No new year’s party is complete without balloons! Watch how balloons can easily bring in good vibes and excitement. We offer a wide array of balloon options, from our 36-inch giant balloons, 24-inch decor bubble balloons, and foil balloons to our metallic orbz balloons.

“ 36 inch 2pcs Jumbo Balloons Pair “Happy New Year + 2023” – Black

Foil Balloons: Sparkling and eye-catching, foil balloons add instant glamour to your party decor. We include themed foil balloons like our champagne bottle and glass balloons as well as letter foil balloons that can spell out “Happy New Year” or “Happy Chinese New Year”.

Confetti-Filled Balloons: Prepare to wow your guests by creating a captivating visual effect with confetti-filled balloons that burst with excitement when popped.

Custom Balloon Arrangements: Personalise your New Year’s Eve party with custom balloon arrangements that spell out your New Year’s message.

Whether you prefer a chic black and gold aesthetic to start of the new year or something that is more fun and colourful, we have it all and we guarantee that your family and friends will not be disappointed.

These balloons also make for the perfect gift for a special someone during this occasion!

2. Elegant Serveware

One of the most important things about being a good host is ensuring your guests are satisfied and happy. What is a New Year’s Eve dinner party without a drink and some snacks? Ditch those plain paper plates and cups to spice dinner up with our serveware sets and find which one suits your party’s aesthetic the most!

* Malibu – Blue Party Serveware Package ( 8 X 7″ Small Plates, 8 X 9″ Large Plates, 8 X Cups, 16 X Napkins)

3. Backdrop Rosettes and Party Fans

This coming New Years, be prepared to set the stage for a memorable evening with our captivating backdrop decors such as our party fans and rosettes! Whether you want a glamorous glittering backdrop or a classic black and gold or a timeless silver aesthetic, we definitely will not disappoint with our options!

It’s only right to start your new year with the perfect New Year’s Eve decorations. The best part about hosting a party is being able to express your artistic side when it comes to decorating. Match your tableware and balloons with our backdrop rosettes.

* Party Fans Metallic Gold Set of 8, Backdrop Rosettes

4. Colourful Backdrop Curtains

Choose stunning tinsel curtain backdrops to really make your space stand out. These could serve as the perfect photoshoot area for you and your guests to make wonderful memories that last a lifetime! There are 11 colours to choose from, including gold, silver, royal blue, red, light pink, and many more!

What is your New Year theme again? Perhaps an iridescent tinsel backdrop is just what you need to make the night truly magical!

Metallic Tinsel Curtain Backdrops 200cm x 100cm

5. Banners and Flags

Ready to really make a statement? Hang our Chervon Bunting flags, flag banners, sparkly tassels and letter banners on your walls to really transform your space and ensure it is party ready! Those plain walls have so much potential; let’s put some colours and shapes on them to really set the mood!

Chevron Bunting Flags – Gold

6. Sparkling Candles

We also offer bright sparkling candles that would really brighten your house on the night of new year’s eve. Make the last day of this year a memorable one by getting our sparkling candles, gift your guests the excitement and joy of a new year!

*Sparkling Candles Fireworks Sparkler 6 pcs Value Pack – 20cm (L) 60 seconds

7. Confetti

It isn’t really a celebration without a little glitz and a bit of bling, right? There is no need to worry about making DIY confetti from paper shreds. Add a pop of colour and excitement to your New Year’s celebration with our vibrant and eye-catching options.

It’s not just kids that love confetti and balloons, we do too! Make a bold statement with our gold confetti cannons that fill the air with a burst of joy.

“Metallic Gold Confetti Cannon Party Popper 60cm

8. Pom Pom Perfection

You can never have too many pom-poms! These fluffy-looking decorations are sure to add a finishing touch and make your venue pop with colour and fun.

Colourful Pom Poms: Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colours to match your theme or mix and match to your preference!

Sizes and Styles: From small and delicate to large and fluffy, our pom poms come in various sizes and styles to suit your decorating needs.

Easy Assembly: Enjoy the convenience of easy assembly, so you can quickly add a playful touch to your venue hassle-free.


New year, New me

Now that the season of gift giving is over, with just these 9 decor essentials, you’re party ready and on your way to countdown to the next year!

Shop for party supplies today and ensure your celebration is a resounding success!

Light up the atmosphere and celebrate the New Year with Misty Daydream Singapore as we promise that our new year decorations will definitely bring out the festive spirit in you and your guests.

Catch fireworks, sip some wine, and exchange new year gifts while we celebrate the New Year, welcoming happiness and success. This festive period marks the end of an era and the start of a new and better year.

At Misty Daydream we pride ourselves as being your go-to shop in Singapore when looking for the perfect customised gift and unique party supplies for any occasion! Opt for our delivery where we deliver to anywhere in Singapore to save yourself any trouble!