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Customised Balloons Singapore 🎈| Unique & Creative Gifts for your Loved Ones

Venue, party favours, food, gifts, and entertainment – as a host of a party, that’s all you’ll have to check off your party to-do list, right? Well, think again! Party decorations is another key element of every party. Used to bring a theme to life and get everyone in the right mood, party decorations are a must.

Whether you are hosting occasions like a birthday party, wedding, or even a simple Valentine’s Day/Anniversary dinner with your loved one, playing with a little bit of decoration will not hurt. But here at Misty Daydream, we like to take things up a notch – beyond serving as a type of decoration, one of our top-sellers doubles as gifts too! Our collection of customised balloons in Singapore not only elevates the visual appeal of an event but also create a one-of-a-kind gift.

We also offer helium balloons delivery service. So regardless of the occasion, fret not, we are able to deliver your balloons right to where you need them! If you need these balloons on a last minute notice, we are still able to fulfil same day delivery. Or if you would like to personally collect your balloons, you may opt for the Self Collection same day option at the check out page. However, due to the short lead time, it would be without a digital mock-up confirmation.

Make Your Next Party Pop!

Not sure how our customised balloons will make your next party – or the heart of your giftee – pop? Personalised to a tee, our balloons can be designed to fit your special occasion – birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. Have personalised messages like “Will you marry me?” printed on your balloons as you “pop” the question or get balloon garlands that will enhance any celebration of special events. Affordable to get your hands on, customised balloons, when used purposefully, make fabulous photo backdrops too! Don’t believe us? Look up pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, and you’re sure to find an influencer or two with balloon decorations during their birthdays.

Tips on How to Design Your Customised Balloon

1. Graphics or plain text?

Creating your own personalised balloons from scratch may sound daunting at first, but we are here to help you with that. To start off, we offer a broad range of in-house designs on the customised bubble balloons. These includes an only text-based design or ones that includes a graphic. If you would like a custom design/graphic of your own, you may contact us and we will be happy to fulfil your requirements to the best of our abilities.

2. Colour Palette Inspiration

The next step to complete, would be to fill your customised bubble balloons with colours! There are infinite ways to style your balloons, you even can do a quick search on Pinterest for balloon colour combinations and there will be an endless list. So we would like to share with you some of our favourite colour collection. Alternatively, if there is a custom colour you would like to request, you may also contact us to enquire more.

Classic Rose Gold – One of the most popular colour among our customers. Simply pair it with a white balloon and fun confetti balloons and you’re good to go!

Neutrals – Know someone who loves neutral hues? Opt for balloon colours such as white, blush, sand, mocha brown or eucalyptus. Here are two colour palettes that you may come across while you shop for your helium balloons: 1) White, Sand, Blush & Pearl Peach 2) Eucalyptus, Chrome Gold, Sand & White.

Pastels – Absolutely love seeing these light-coloured helium balloons, they never fail to bring a bundle of joy and goes well together! This will definitely be suitable for that one cheery friend or your kid. One of the most colour combination would be: pastel pink, pastel blue and pastel purple balloons.

Monochrome – Yet another classic combination that will never go wrong. Simply mix and match between these 4 colours to get the monochrome you want: white, black, silver and gold balloons.

3. Make it Extra Special!

Lastly, bringing your balloon gift to an advance level, you can choose to top it up with LED fairy lights for the ultimate wow factor! Not forgetting, you can also add on a side bouquet with matching colours to your customised bubble ballon for a more complete look.

Get Customized Balloons that Impress at Misty Daydream

From galaxy-themed 24-inch personalized bubble balloons stuffed with minis to a jumbo 30-inch unicorn face balloon, here at Misty Daydream, we have an assortment of balloons for you to choose from. We are also proud to be able to provide party supplies and cater to your party needs for every occasion – birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, graduation etc. Have queries on how to get these personalised helium balloons for a fun celebration? Contact us and get in touch with our dedicated creative team in Singapore. Time to shop with us and get your party started!