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Confetti Balloons

A gorgeous, floating 12 inch filled confetti balloons that is sure to add a special wow factor at your next party or event! A Giant Balloon ready for inflation by you and the guests just before it begins. When they pop these babies out of nowhere- There’s going be magic in the air as everyone recognises this surprise ending which reminds us why we celebrate occasions like birthdays all year long!!

You’ll never forget the wow factor of your next event with these stunning 12 inch filled balloons. The perfect giant balloon, ready to be inflated by you for a party or wedding! Prepare yourself- they’re about to pop at some point during their floating time in air– but not before adding that final touch on top  of making everything just right.

Please note that the balloons should not be placed near heat sources such as sun or electric lights. They can also cause damage to themselves if they come into contact with friction materials like ropes, shoelaces etc., which will lead them popping off easily! To avoid this just use some tape on either side of where you want it attached before inflation – I find sometimes there’s more than one way up…

Please note that the balloon is not to be taken above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or exposed under direct sunlight. If it gets too hot, you’ll want your parent’s assistance when inflating this toy! Avoid sharp objects and edges while placing them in case any should pop during use- don’t risk injury by accidently puncturing one of these crucial parts!.