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Wedding Ang Bao Box | Money Box | Singapore

A wedding isn’t complete without a wishing well wedding box or “Ang Bao Box” is it?

For couples getting married, the wedding wishing well is the perfect accessory for their big day! This customised wedding box is an ideal wedding gift for any couple that wants to give their guests the most memorable experience. Not only is it an enjoyable and interactive way to invite your guests to provide gifts, but it is also a way to make sure your wedding day is as special as possible.

This wedding box is completely customisable, from the colour and design to the font. Customise your own wedding money box with your favourite quote or the couple’s names and make it special to you and your wedding! With plenty of options to choose from, you can easily guarantee that your wedding wishing well will be uniquely designed to fit your special day.

Your wedding day is sure to be the most memorable and romantic day of your life. Make sure it is as special as possible with these cute acrylic boxes! This charming and unique accessory is the perfect way to ensure your wedding day is as beautiful and personalised as you dream it to be. So, what are you waiting for? Make your big day even more special with a wishing well wedding box!

What is a Wedding Wishing Well or Wedding Money Box?

To put it simply, a wishing well is a wedding money box, which is a fun way for couples to ask for money and gifts. This includes well wishes, cash, and other gifts. The money placed in the wedding money box is typically used for the honeymoon or a down payment on the house.

How to Set Up a Wishing Well at Your Wedding

At weddings, couples typically set up a table for registration and attendance while also placing the wishing well there. This allows your guests to easily drop in their cash donation, envelopes, or angbaos before entering the venue.

Of course, don’t forget to show your gratitude and thanks to your guests for the money and gifts! Let them know where the money is going.

Whether it is a new house, furniture, or honeymoon trip, your guests will be elated to know they contributed and gave something meaningful to you and your partner!

Shop for Wishing Well Boxes Today!

Wishing wells are a great addition to any weddings especially if you do not intend to have formal wedding/gift registry. Our wedding money box comes in several elegant colours such as Rose Gold, Gold, Teal, Silver and many more! So have fun choosing a wedding money box that matches your wedding theme!