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Wedding Aisle Burst Balloons | Exploding Helium Balloons | Wedding Decor in Singapore

Start off your wedding with a spectacular grand entrance by getting our Wedding Aisle Explosive Burst Balloons! Make your wedding a special day and even more memorable with giant burst balloons filled with mini balloons that explode while the groom and bride walks down the wedding aisle.

These remote control burst helium balloons are a fun yet stunning way to start off your wedding event and wow your guests!

With a explosion of colours, glitters, and balloons, it will definitely make your wedding a lot more impressive and create a truly romantic venue for everyone.

What Are Wedding Aisle Burst Balloons?

`Wedding Aisle Explosive Burst 36 inch Jumbo Balloons with mini balloons stuffed

A wedding aisle burst balloon is part of the wedding aisle decoration set up as the couple walks down to the altar together. These balloons are filled with mini balloons, confetti and draped with fairy lights, which create a truly romantic scene! The wedding then begins with a huge pop of the balloons as the bride and groom walk down the wedding aisle together and get showered with mini balloons and confetti fill!

How does it work?

The balloons will burst wireless with a press of a button with a remote control. The remote control is wireless and can be programmed by bursting in “Pair” or “All” at once on the aisle, depending on your preference! “Pair” refers to a pair of balloons bursting at the same time as the couple gradually strolls down the aisle together, while “All” would trigger all the balloons to burst at once in a grand explosion. Setup will take about 15-20 mins with height adjustment and briefing of switch control to your assigned point of contact.

Our burst helium balloons are 36-inches and will be filled with tons of smaller balloons and confetti. The choice of balloons and quantity of balloons is entirely up to you as well as depending on the length of your wedding aisle!

Make Your Wedding Aisle Truly Magical

These wedding aisle balloons are the perfect way to make a statement on one of your most memorable moments of your life! You would not want to pass up the opportunity to go all out at your wedding event by making filling your wedding aisle with stunning exploding balloons, would you?

Additionally, these balloons are completely customisable, depending on what colours and style of balloons you’d like to suit your wedding theme and wedding decor! If you want bursting pink balloons, don’t worry, we can make it happen!

A Stunning Wedding Event With Misty Daydream Singapore

We guarantee you that you won’t regret adding these incredible wedding aisle burst balloons to your wedding! Once these balloons have been set up, you and your guests will be in awe. Create an elegant, stunning and exciting view for everyone on your special day with our exploding wedding aisle balloons today!

Here at Misty Daydream Singapore, we offer a wide range of customised wedding balloons, birthday balloons, baby shower balloons, and all kinds of helium balloons! Check out our website for more wedding decorations and balloons and make your wedding extra memorable now!