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Customised Jellycat Bunny Singapore | Choose the Cutest & Softest Toys Ever

Why are Jellycat Bunny a Popular Choice?

Attending a baby shower or a baby’s first birthday celebration? For many in Singapore, shopping for unique toys can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time scouring for gifts for these special milestone moments. That’s why Jellycat soft toys are the perfect gift choice – one that will grow with the little one. These huggable customised Jellycat Bunny and incredibly soft plush toys would make a comforting companion to ease a baby in tears or simply a soothing presence when they sleep.

From Jellycat bunny to unicorn toys, you can choose from our collection of Jellycat animal designs that are safe for all ages. They are guaranteed to make an amazing wish list that every child dreams of.

Jellycat Bunny Customisation Service

The best part is, you can have your Jellycat customised bunny with other creative additions. In fact, for our customised Jellycat bashful bunnies, you can also opt for customised name embroidery on the Jellycat bunny’s ear. On the other hand, you can also purchase an add-on sweater for name embroidery. Kindly note that there is a character limit & edit name accordingly before you add to cart and checkout. Both have a 11 and 8 character limit respectively. In addition, there is also a production lead time needed.

Jellycat Care Instructions

Every Jellycat comes with a label on how you should wash it. Since some of us may have difficulties understanding the laundry care symbols (so do I), here’s a summary of what is generally recommended: It is highly recommended to use hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. And it is also not recommended using a washing machine.

However, always check the label that comes with your Jellycat product as some might differ in its care instructions. For example, the Jellycat soothers are suitable for a machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius only.

About Jellycat

Established in London in 1999, Jellycat has been launching new soft toy designs every January and July. It is an endless exploration to all the quirky cuteness you can find at a jellycat jamboree! These irresistibly cuddly, sophisticatedly silly and hilariously humorous would make the perfect friends for your little ones growing up.

More Jellycat Gifts to Excite Your Loved Ones

Finding the best present for little kids – or even adults – might be easier than you think with these customised gift ideas:

1. Gift Balloons

Looking for an added on gift wrapping service? We have something better in mind for you. Check out our popular Gift Balloons that are meant to be popped! Serving as a welcome for a baby, a surprise birthday gift or even sending your congratulations for your loved one’s graduation.

House your Jellycat soft toy in a clear balloon and add on a customised message of your own. We also provide flexible personalisation options, where you can add in other small gift items like mugs, bottles, and more. Stuffed with meaningful gifts, the fairy lights inside will instantly add a magical touch to your present.

2. Supersize Jellycat

Besides the standard-sized Jellycat toys, you can go all out with supersize Jellycats that can be as big as 108cm. These giants will be sure to bring immense joy to your loved one – not to mention that it’s extremely huggable as well.

3. Jellycat Soother

To complete the cuddly collection, Jellycat booties and soothers can become daily essentials for a newborn’s naptime. Imagine your little one snuggling up to these adorable soothers. Awww…definitely a cute sight to see! Not forgetting how incredibly silky and soft they are, they will definitely put the grumpiest child to deep sleep with the sweetest dreams.

Be Spoilt for Choice at Misty Daydream

And there you have it – the best customised Jellycat gifts that any adult or child will love! On the other hand, if you are the one planning a special occasion for your little one, we know you’ll want it to be a blast. As Singapore’s leading party supplies store, we’ve made it simple to source for party decor and gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Shop our online collection and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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