Customised Father’s Day Gifts Singapore 2022

Personalised Father’s Day Gifts in Singapore

Dads are the unsung heroes of the family - playing the part of the family jokester, giving us rides to school and other places, teaching us how to balance on a two-wheeled bicycle, working tirelessly every day, and more. Dads deserve a gift on Father's Day because they play such an important role in their children’s and families’ lives, playing the roles of both caretaker and role model.

Father's Day is a day to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication dads put in every day. Giving a gift on Father's Day is a great way to show love, appreciation, and gratitude for all that dads do and make them feel special and valued. Grasp this opportunity to show your dad how much he means to you and find the perfect Father’s Day gifts in Singapore today!

Not sure how to thank your personal Superhero for everything that they have done? Misty Daydream is here to save the day! Let Misty Daydream's personalised Father's Day gifts in Singapore speak for you!

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas

May was the month to thank our Wonder Woman in the family. But as all good things come in pairs, let’s not forget to thank our Superhero on Father’s Day as well. Let us share with you some of our favourite ideas for the perfect Father's Day gifts in Singapore. 

1. Custom Bubble Balloons

Balloons are not the first gift that springs to mind when it comes to Father's Day gifts. Spice up your annual Father's Day celebration by turning it into a memorable one with our fantastically whimsical balloons! Balloons are the epitome of happiness and a must-have for any happy occasion. Personalise your balloons to show even more appreciation to your dad on this joyous occasion. 

2. Printed Mugs

For our tireless heroes, a cup of coffee a day keeps the fatigue at bay. Nothing beats having a cup of coffee while catching a break (or tea for non-coffee lovers), and even more so from a customisable printed mug, made just for Dad! Cheer your Dad on from afar with our thoughtfully crafted, personalised messages! 

3. Bar Glassware

Start off the weekend with a toast! We all look forward to Saturdays and Sundays since they are the days when our Heroes take a well-deserved respite from their demanding workweeks. Enjoy your weekends with your loved ones while drinking from our chic glassware!