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Helium Balloons Delivery | 🌈 Customised Balloons at Misty Daydream

Whether you are planning for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, surprise wedding proposal, bridal shower, gender reveal balloons, anniversary or corporate event celebration. The helium balloons from Misty Daydream are of the highest quality, guaranteed to spice up any celebrations. We offer a broad range of in-house designs on customised balloons in Singapore to suit any party occasion.

Our team specialises in designing customised balloons in 24-inch bubble helium personalised helium balloons, 36-inch giant balloons and 16-inch orbz balloons. We will work with you to create the perfect design for your party event, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, weddings or baby shower celebration! We are happy when our customers celebrate their love by using party balloons that they get from us.

Misty Daydream offers the best helium balloons in Singapore at the most competitive price to purchase and spread joy and fun. We want to make high-quality balloons easily accessible to more people; browse our balloon collection today. Find affordable and gorgeous helium balloons and balloon bouquets in Singapore, designed perfectly for your next celebration.

Your one-stop helium balloons and party decoration solution

Find all your helium balloons and party supplies essentials with us in Singapore ! We offer the best selection and the largest variety of latex, mylar and foil balloons in every colour imaginable in Singapore.

Be it 11-inch standard-size latex balloon bouquets or 36-inch jumbo perfectly round helium balloons, our massive range of latex balloons will be sure to brighten up your birthday party.

We’ll help you celebrate all your special occasions with friends/family members to create these precious moments.

Quality Latex Balloons

Our high-quality latex balloon bouquets are probably the best bunch you can get your hands on and they are more long-lasting than you can imagine. They’re the perfect solution for when you need a durable balloon that won’t pop on its own. Staying up for hours without losing their shine, these balloons are far from those cheap options that burst at the slightest of touches. Even the longest wedding receptions and parties will fizzle out before our balloons hit the ground.

Designer Customised Helium Balloons

Personalised message party balloons are an excellent way to relay your special messages. Plus, they look so cute in photos! You can choose from various colour palettes for the event theme you have in mind. Our designer customised balloons option offers digital mock-ups based on your custom message input as long as the order is placed a few working days in advance. For last-minute party planners, we will still be able to fulfil same-day helium balloon delivery orders in Singapore. Due to a shorter lead time, it would be without the digital mock-up confirmation, but fret not! We can assure you that the customised balloons will be professionally and beautifully done with our years of experience and modern font pairings.

Helium Balloons Delivery Services and Self Collection

– Delivery services

We offer a free flat rate delivery or free same-day delivery for all balloon bouquets that come pre-inflated with helium gas. They also come with weights and will be ready at your preferred timeslot. Simply place your order a day or two in advance, select your balloon delivery service timeslot, and our delivery team will be at your doorstep precisely when you need us. We would highly recommend for you to opt for helium balloon day delivery services at a flat rate (order at any amount) or free same-day delivery services (for orders above $200 in a single order number).

– Self Collection

Although we do not have a shop front, we are happy to have you pick up or carry your balloon bouquet from our office. If you’d prefer to pick up your balloon bouquet, you can select Self-Collection same-day option on the service check-out page to complete your order.

– Location

You will find our office situated at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, LINK@AMK, #08-25 Singapore 569139. It’s just a few minutes away from Yio Chu Kang MRT Station. If you are driving, you can drive up to level 8 via a ramp up and park your vehicle outside of our store unit for easy loading of purchase helium balloons.

Every Type of Party Balloon You’ll Need in Singapore

Choose the best option for your party, and buy balloon bouquets, party supplies, party packages, banners and more from our team at Misty Daydream, delivering smiles and good times across Singapore.

Let us help you make your imagination come true with our most expansive selection of bright colours and beautifully designed helium balloons with delivery in Singapore.

– Placing the order

Place your order for our personalised helium balloons, premium latex and helium balloon bouquets through our online store today, or get in touch with our friendly team with any questions. Available in free delivery service from SMS or WhatsApp us at (+65) 8222 7491, or contact us through email at [email protected].

Tips in Choosing Your Ideal Balloon Out of Our Vast Range of Options

1) Quantity and Size of the Balloon

Are the balloons going to be for someone to bring along with them? Or are they merely for decorating an event space? Decide on how many balloons you want and how big they should be, this will help to narrow down your options.

2) Event Theme

Decide on your party theme & celebration before choosing your balloons. If you want to wish someone a happy birthday, think of something that’ll fit that aesthetic and create a wow factor with a wide array. We don’t want our balloons to clash with the rest of your decorations!

Our themed balloons fit to all special occasion as well we have a wide selection from the party packages in term of colors and styles to choose from.

3) Deliver balloons Option

Event planning is no joke! It can get exhausting, so why make things harder for yourself than it needs to be? Opt for our balloon delivery and allow us to make your balloon delivery anywhere in Singapore, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Things to take note when ordering helium balloons

When ordering your helium balloons gifts or planning to get some for yourself, here are some things to consider:

1) Floating time

Helium is a naturally produced gas that has a lower density than oxygen, which is why it floats. Helium is sensitive to temperature so we suggest keeping your balloons away from extreme heat & extreme cold. Our balloons are made from natural rubber so over time the helium will escape, and the balloons will become smaller and start to lose their ability to float. But don’t worry, helium is still fun! Just keep an eye on the clock and enjoy your helium while it lasts.

Minimum floating

In general, latex balloon bouquets will only stay inflated for about 8 hours after delivery. It is crucial to only inflate them on the actual celebration date. Mylar (or foil) balloons, on the other hand, can stay afloat for 2 days to up to a week. Perfect for those occasions when you want your helium balloons to stick around for a while.

2) Storing Balloon bouquet

If you are purchasing your helium balloons for an event in the near future, it would be prudent to note that latex balloons are biodegradable and, therefore, temperature-sensitive. They can’t be stored anywhere that’s too hot, too cold,  or exposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended to place them inside air-conditioned rooms to preserve the balloon’s lustre and colour after delivery. Avoid placing balloons near any sharp objects as well.

3) Selecting of helium balloons

Best bet that there’s nothing quite like helium balloon to add a touch of whimsy and fun to any occasion! Whether you’re decorating for a birthday party, kids parties, baby shower, wedding, themed balloons & gifts or just because, our selection of cheap helium balloons is sure to have just what you’re looking for without any minimum order in delivery.

– Design

From solid colour latex balloons to Balloon Bouquets with coordinated stripes and patterns, we have the perfect balloon for your party decorations. All of our helium balloons are made from high-quality latex and can be inflated with helium. Most importantly, they’re affordable in purchase and stay at the most competitive prices – so you can shop, purchase and decorate to your heart’s content without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Shop some cheap helium balloons in Singapore today and let the good times start flowing in your party with our delivery service!

4) Selecting the gift balloons

What could be more fun than receiving a helium balloon as a gift or party and build a wow factor? Uplifting and cheerful, these unique gift are sure to please anyone on your list. Perfect party shop for Birthday, wedding, anniversaries, or any other special occasion celebration, our helium balloons will add a touch of fun and excitement.

5) Planning your party celebrations

Helium balloons are an essential part of any party celebration in Singapore. They add a touch of fun and festivity to any occasion, and they’re also a great way to show your guests that you care about the details or gifts carry to them by delivered.

– Choosing the helium balloons

When it comes to choosing helium balloons for your party in Singapore, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, decide on the size and shape of the balloon you want. There are many different sizes and shapes of helium balloons available, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your party delivered.

Next, choose the colour of the delivered balloon products in the cart. Again, there are many different colors of helium balloons available, so you’ll be able to find the perfect complete one for your party.

– Customisation

Finally, decide on the message you want to include on the balloon. This could be something as simple as “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!” or something more creative. Whatever deliver message you choose, make sure it’s something that will resonate with your guests and make them feel special.

– Centrepieces

– Helium balloons make great table centrepieces! You can either put one large balloon in the middle of each table, or cluster several smaller ones together. Either way, they’ll add some extra flair to your tablescape.

– Confetti

-This is a great way to add some extra excitement to your helium balloons! Simply fill each balloon with confetti before inflating it, then let your guests pop them for a shower of colourful party balloons.