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Wedding Corsage | Beautiful Corsage & Boutonnieres in Singapore

Welcome to Misty Daydream, where we offer the perfect selection of wedding corsages and boutonnière to make your special day unforgettable! Our range of beautifully crafted and exquisite wrist corsages and pin corsages will give your wedding party a truly unique look. With our wide variety of styles and colours, you’re sure to find the perfect corsages for your bridal party. Our boutonnieres are hand-crafted with care and precision to provide a classic yet timeless touch to your wedding attire. And our wrist corsages, pin corsages and boutonnieres feature classic designs with delicate fabrics, and stunning floral arrangements, creating a romantic and endearing look that you will cherish forever and make the bride look even more radiant and elegant on her big day. Don’t forget to include these timeless corsages in your special day and make sure your wedding party stands out from the crowd, impressing all of your guests!

Wedding Corsages & Boutonnieres

Champagne Pink Boutonnière/ Pin Corsage

Both our wedding corsages and boutonnieres are made with colourful and romantic artificial flowers, allowing them to last throughout the wedding. Although they may not be made with fresh flowers, this makes our corsages the perfect keepsakes.

We have wrist corsages and pin corsages to choose from. A pin corsage can be pinned dresses and suits or on invitations and wedding favours even! Our boutonnière is also perfect for any groom or groomsmen, giving their suits a touch of style and elegance.

The Symbolism of Corsages & Boutonnieres

Corsages and boutonnieres have long held significance in wedding traditions, symbolising love, honour, and celebration. Our corsages pay homage to these honoured traditions while incorporating contemporary trends, allowing you to infuse meaning and sentimentality into your wedding day. Each corsage and boutonnière becomes a living symbol of your love story.

Corsages in Versatile Styles

Whether your wedding exudes vintage charm, modern sophistication, or rustic romance, our diverse selection of corsages and boutonnieres offers options to match any style. From cascading florals to minimalist designs to hues of pink blue, our collection caters to the preferences of brides and grooms seeking to express their individuality through floral accents. These corsages and boutonnieres are also perfect for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to match with the wedding theme!

Wear a Corsage on Any Occasion

These corsages and boutonnieres aren’t just for weddings but can be worn for other special occasions such as prom, bridal showers, graduations or a formal dress and suit event! Simply choose your favourite colour of flowers and it will be the perfect decoration to your outfit!

Shop More Wedding Essentials

We don’t just offer stunning corsages and boutonnière, but also other wedding essentials and decorations such as wedding balloons and preserved flowers.