Valentines Day 5 Chrome Purple & 5 Chrome Mauve Balloons Bouquet


Lovely Purple and Mauve hues in the stunning Chrome Colors. Bouquet consists of Helium inflated 5 x Chrome Purple and 5 x Chrome Mauve in a bouquet.



Our Metallic Balloons feature a glossy metallic finish and perfect for a highlight.

Floating time is approximately 8 hours depending on the surrounding temperature. When located in cold area room, floating time may last up to 10 hours. Only recommended to collect from us/ to opt for helium balloons delivery on the actual event date.

Product Description

Size: 12inch

Material: Premium quality latex (Which does not burst easily)

Balloons include string (Approximate 1.8m) and helium inflation.

Points to Note:

  • High temperature, exposure under the sun, friction and force etc will cause the balloon to deflate or burst.
  • Parental guidance is recommended for children to use the balloons.
  • Please discard defected balloons immediately.
  • Beware of thermal expansion and contraction under different weather conditions.
  • Avoid any sharp objects and edges when placing the balloons.



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