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Wedding Ang Pao Red Packets Singapore | Chinese New Year Ang Pao

Are you looking for ang pao/red packets for upcoming Chinese New Year or a wedding? Check out our wide selection of ang baos!

These iconic red envelopes hold more than just monetary gifts; they carry the rich heritage of cultural significance and well-wishes. Whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, weddings, birthdays, or other joyous occasions, our red packets add a touch of elegance and tradition to your heartfelt gestures.

What Are Red Packets?

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A red packet, also known as a ‘hong bao’ or ‘ang bao’ is a red envelope that contains lucky money and giving red envelopes originates from Chinese culture, usually given to family and relatives during special and auspicious days such as celebrating Chinese New Year or at Chinese weddings. Made from red paper, these red envelopes are a symbol for good wishes, luck and prosperity.

Elegant Designs for Every Occasion

Explore our selection of Chinese New Year Red Packets featuring an array of elegant designs suitable for various occasions. Whether you prefer intricate patterns, traditional symbols like the Chinese character for “good luck,” or contemporary styles with a touch of modern flair, our red packets cater to diverse tastes and celebrations. With a low cost, you can choose the red packets with the perfect design that resonates with the spirit of your event, creating a meaningful and visually appealing gesture.

This Chinese New Year holiday, shop for our beautiful red packets to share with loved ones at family gatherings.

Gift a Red Packet to Loved Ones

Make your gift-giving experience truly memorable by adding a personal touch to our ang baos. We have wedding ang baos and also regular ang baos for Chinese New Year with traditional elements and designs. With a range of unique designs, you can gift your friends, family and guests a prosperous year and life!

Ang Baos are commonly gifted to newlyweds at weddings as a way of wishing the couple a long and lasting marriage as well as donating for their wedding expenses!

Chinese New Year Decorations Idea

These vibrant and intricately designed Chinese New Year ang paos are not just the perfect gift or just for containing money but would also be unique additions to and complete your Chinese New Year decorations this year! Get creative and make use of these beautiful red packets to create a stunning backdrop or other creative decorations!

Shop for More Chinese New Year Decorations

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