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Chopping Boards in Singapore

Looking for chopping boards that are both unique and functional? Look no further than our custom engraved wooden chopping board! These beautiful wooden boards are the perfect addition to any kitchen and ideal for anyone who loves cooking. The bamboo wood, unlike maple wood, makes it a sturdy and durable quality chopping board. And the smooth surface is ideal for cutting or slicing your meat, fish, vegetables and more.

The most exciting part is that you can personalise your chopping board with the custom engravings! Simply add a special message or name to make a chopping board you can call your own.

But what makes it the best chopping board? It is versatile in its functionality and unique design. For example, the 36cm (height) x 24cm (width) rectangular surface provides enough space to cut and slice raw meat. While the unique design allows you to prepare your chopped ingredients with style. In whole, it will be a beautiful conversation piece at the dining table. You can be sure to wow your family and friends with your sense of style when they see this personalised chopping board.

The best chopping boards allow for more creative usage – serving your main course of delicious and good food on the board, resembling a cheese platter on a cheese board. Imagine eating off a whole chicken or a slice of pizza and revealing the unique design on the board, yum~ Time to replace your plates with a food platter on the board!

So don’t settle for a boring old chopping board – go for something extra special with this custom engraved bamboo wood chopping board.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for Any Special Occasions

Do you also know of someone who loves to cook? This chopping board might just be the perfect gift for them. So let us guide you in choosing the best chopping board for the right fit. Here are some factors to consider when you search for the ideal chopping board!

Chopping Board or Cutting Board?

Wait, wait, wait! Before you settle on the best chopping board, did you know there are differences between our chopping boards and cutting boards? Well, let me help you.

  1. Thickness – Our chopping boards are a little thicker than our cutting boards. As stated by the board name, that makes chopping boards more suitable for chopping, while cutting boards are more suitable for cutting.
  2. Size of Surface Area – Our chopping boards has larger surfaces, suitable for chopping larger meat. While our cutting boards have a smaller space to do so.
  3. Underlying Wood Materials Used – Our chopping boards are made out of bamboo wood while our cutting boards are made out of beech wood.

Vertical, Horizontal or Corner Design?

Next, once you are settled on buying a chopping board, get to know the types of custom engraved designs we offer for our chopping boards before you continue shopping. We have a range of orientations of chopping board designs – either placed vertically, horizontally or on the corner of the chopping board. Our designs are also of various sizes. If you take a closer look, the corner designs on the chopping boards are smaller than those placed in the middle of the chopping board.

For Which Occasion?

In addition to the different orientations of the engraved design, we have also prepared a range of chopping board designs catered to certain occasions. Just to name a few, Christmas, Father’s Day and Chinese New Year. But generally, these chopping boards will also definitely be great as a housewarming gift too!

How to Care for Your Wooden Chopping Board?

The bamboo wood construction has its own benefits. For instance, it is softer on the edge of your knives as compared to glass cutting boards. Not forgetting the loud piercing noise it makes. On top of that, these bamboo wood chopping boards are definitely more aesthetically pleasing than our typical plastic cutting board.

However, it may seem tough cleaning these wood boards, but it will be easier with some tips:

  1. Always hand wash these chopping boards by using a liquid dish soap. Do not put them in a dishwasher or soak it in water as it will cause the wood to warp or crack.
  2. After washing your chopping board, here comes the drying process. Use a clean paper towel to wipe the board dry. After which, let the board air dry while standing it upright on its side or slot it in your dish rack.
  3. To further maintain the quality of the board, use food grade mineral oil to oil your chopping board once in a while. This creates a protective barrier against moisture and bacteria. Thus, there will be lesser absorption of strong odours. Our chopping boards are already coated with this oil and it is 100% food safe.

Perfect Addition To The Kitchen

Finally, we have reached the end of our comprehensive guide! We hope that this will give you a better understanding of what type of chopping board you prefer. And hopefully, we are on the same page of wanting this chopping board to complement your kitchen tools and knives. It’s time to get cooking!