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Party Twine String | Party String & Party Supplies in Singapore

Planning a big birthday party or event and you need the perfect party supplies for your special occasion? Don’t worry, Misty Daydream Singapore has got you covered! With a huge range of party decorations and birthday party supplies spanning from birthday balloons to baby shower and bridal shower party supplies, and many more, we have a catalogue of party favours and party supplies you do NOT want to miss!

One of your must-have party decorations are colourful twine strings that are versatile, practical and aesthetically pleasing!

Our party cotton twine strings are more than just practical party supplies and accessories – they’re a canvas for your creativity. Whether you’re wrapping gifts, tying favour bags, or adding a decorative flair to your party favours, these twine strings are the perfect medium to express your unique style. The natural, rustic charm of cotton twine effortlessly complements a variety of themes, adding a timeless and elegant touch to your decorations.

The Perfect Party Decoration for Any Occasion & Celebration

Black and Metallic Gold Cotton Baker Twine 100 Yards

Every party needs party decorations, banners, gifts, party balloons and so on. Hence, these strings are a total must-have as they can be used for anything and everything! Whether it is bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or baby showers, use your creativity and string up the place with these fun cotton twine strings! Even the simplest of details can make your party decorations pop!

A Rainbow of Options

There is no need to worry about themes when doing your party planning as our twine strings come in a huge spectrum of vibrant colours! Whether you’re aiming for a classic and understated look with neutral tones or adding a pop of vibrancy with bold hues, our collection has you covered. Mix and match colours to coordinate with your birthday party theme, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere that captivates your guests.

DIY Party Supplies

If you enjoy crafting and personalising your party decor and party supplies, our cotton twine strings are the perfect companions. From creating handcrafted banners and garlands to tying together rustic bouquets and floral arrangements, these twine strings bring your DIY projects to life, allowing you to infuse your personality into every detail of your event. Make your birthdays, weddings, and festive celebrations even more memorable by getting creative!

Craft Your Perfect Party with Misty Daydream

If you are looking for birthday balloons and party balloons to pair with these beautiful twine, check out our online store for more party supplies and decorative balloons. Our one stop party shop for helium balloons and party supplies in Singapore offers products such as graduation balloons, foil balloons, customised helium balloons, baby shower balloons, gifts with a personal touch and many more. With Misty Daydream, the best party supply store, you can make a memorable celebration with ease and fun!

Buy party supplies from us and create long lasting memories with your friends and family now!