Lunar New Year Gifts, Balloons and Decors

Chinese New Year Decorations and Gifts

Lunar New Year is just around the corner, with celebrations kicking off on 22nd January 2023!

When it comes to Chinese New Year celebrations, decorations and gifts are an important part of the spring festivities. Whether it’s for a Lunar New Year party or just for decoration, Chinese New Year decoration can add a festive atmosphere and colorful touches to your home. Traditional Chinese New Year decorations include things like red lanterns, paper decors, door mats, spring couplets and more to welcome the first day of lunar calendar. Shopping for these items is a great way to spread joy during this special time of year.

When it comes to gifts, traditional Chinese New Year gift ideas include things like fruits, oranges and tangerines (symbolizing longevity and prosperity), tea (symbolizing friendship), gift baskets, paper cuttings, red envelopes that usually contain cash as a symbol of good fortune and anything in red decors to shoo away any bad luck and to welcome good fortune. On top of traditional chinese new year decoration items, you may also consider modern customised gifts for a sweet and thoughtful act during CNY house visits.

Gift-giving is an important part of the annual event, with presents exchanged between family, friends and partners. Give the gift of a personalized statement homeware piece.

Misty Daydream offer beautiful items ranging from ready made paper cuttings decorations items like lanterns for lantern festival, paper pinwheel fans, paper honeycomb balls to customised lasercut Chinese Surname Plaque to be hung in the living room wall to show off your chinese surname proudly. From the breeze staying at home, you can shop online easily for creative yet affordable DIY options for making homemade decorations and gifts that will bring joy to any Lunar New Year celebration.

Wear in CNY Family matching outfit from our curated CNY collection. From baby bodysuits to kids tees, and adult T-shirts, we have curated beautiful collection for family ootd.

Decorate the living space with some auspicious color paper decors or helium balloons as well to spruce up the celebration mood.

Home and Living Chinese New Year Decorations Items

Whether you decide to shop online or make your own creations at home, Chinese New Years Decorations and Gifts are a wonderful way to spread joy during this special time of year and welcome the spring arrival! Not only do they make lovely décor pieces but they also serve as meaningful symbols that remind us all about the importance of togetherness, tradition and chinese culture during this special spring festival. Below would be top CNY house visiting gifts and Chinese New Year Decoration ideas you may wanter to consider.

1) Lasercut Surname Ornaments and Signages

Make your home even more personal with Lasercut Surname Ornamentsand Signages. Made from Mirror Reflective acrylics or wooden materials, these Chinese Surname products are both beautiful and meaningful, great for adding a sense of heritage meaning to any space. Our ornaments feature a classic lasercut acrylics chinese characters cutout with modern yet intricate chinese knots tassels. Hanging onto the entrance doors, the Surname plaques elegantly display the personality of your family name in traditional font or chinese calligraphy font. Both items have a timeless appeal that make them perfect for displaying in any room, inviting luck and wealth. Smaller ornaments can be hung onto the kumquat trees, orchids, pussy willow branches or any CNY plants or room doors.

2) Coir Doormat with Chinese Surname

Usher the new year with luck and prosperity CNY door mats. Welcome your guests in style with a unique and beautiful Coir Doormat with Chinese Surname! This doormat is custom printed with various Chinese New Year designs. Constructed of natural high-quality coir, this durable rug helps to scrape dirt and debris off the soles of your shoes.

Furthermore, this doormat is custom printed with many Chinese surnames to suit any home or business’ needs. Surprise your family or friends by customizing their own surname on the doormat – it’s perfect for gifts during CNY or housewarming parties! Furthermore, its timeless design complements both luxe modern or classic contemporary homes effortlessly. Not to mention that its slip-resistant PVC backing prevents this mat from slipping away – making it an ideal choice compared to other gifts options.

Shop now and decorate to show off this unique and distinguished Coir Doormat with Chinese Surname in style!

3) CNY Floral Wreaths

Welcome in the Year of the Rabbit with our beautiful Chinese New Year Floral Wreath, sure to make your home a festive delight! This unique wreath features flowers such as hydrangeas, carnations, orchids and lilies to invite wealth and luck as well as to create a celebration-worthy display at door. To complete it all, we’ve added a centrepiece featuring a custom chinese characters lasercut plaque with your choice of Chinese surname in pretty gold or rose gold shades surrounded with silk flowers and cherry blossoms. Whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year or just looking for an eye-catching home decoration you’ll be proud to hang, this surname flowers wreath is guaranteed to light up any room with its charming presentation. Handcrafted with care and precision using premium materials, our Chinese New Year Floral Wreath is believed to impress, hanging in the living room or entrance door to bring the fun and bloom of the season into your home today!

4) Door Plaques

Welcome in prosperity and good luck for the New Year with your own Chinese Surname door plaque! Crafted out of laser-cut wood or premium acrylics for beauty and protection, these door plaques give your home a sophisticated and traditional look. The classic combination of black and gold will help you express the boldness and grandeur of a Chinese New Year celebration. Each plaque usually features a calligraphic illustration of the Chinese surname above a custom 3d unit number.

You can be sure that your family name will stand out and have everyone know right away that this is YOUR new home! Whether you plan on gifting these as part of a housewarming gift or displaying it as a way to invite blessings into your own household, each door plaque will make a great impression. And since they are made from durable materials, you can be sure to find them standing strong long after the festivities are over! So enjoy the spirit of Chinese New Year all year round – get your very own personalized Chinese New Year Door Plaque today!

5) CNY Baby Onesies

Apart from chinese new year decorations, be sure not to forget to dress up for little one’s outfit. These adorable onesies are the perfect way to welcome the spring festival with your little one and perfect for little one’s OOTD. Our customized name printed designs add a special touch for each outfit, and are sure to be one-of-a-kind and be grandma and grandpa’s favourite! Our t-shirts for kids and baby bodysuits come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your child this festive season.

These Chinese New year baby onesies are made from quality 100% cotton that is soft and breathable. The comfortable material will last through countless hours of playtime fun, and it doesn’t get any better than that! Each vibrant design is bright and colourful, sure to make your little one shine! With the unique designs, these lovely outfits are guaranteed to draw attention at gatherings like never before.

So take this chance to ring in the Lunar New Year with cheer. Get ready for good luck with these festive Chinese New Year baby onesies! They make an excellent gift and commemorative keepsake too – after all, there is no better way to celebrate the holiday than with this happy and cheerful bundle of joy!

6) Family Outfit

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in style with this delightful Chinese New Year Family Outfit! Whether you’re visiting family or just celebrating at home, this unique set of custom printed designs will ensure that your whole family look is on point and coordinated. The vibrant red design brings to life all the festive and joyous feelings of a traditional Chinese New Year celebration, offering comfort and allowing you to express your culture with pride. Apart from red color tshirts, the colors of tshirt come in a wide range of 12 colours if there is someone who would prefer a muted shade.

This exclusive design features the same motif for each person, and can be customized with personalized names for an extra special touch during your visit or festivity. The fabric is light and comfortable, so it’s perfect for both extended wear and Singapore’s weather – so don’t miss out! Wear these unique outfits to enlighten your mood and make sure that you stand out from the crowd during this momentous occasion. Get your Chinese New Year Family Outfit today – embrace the culture where ever you go! Hurry before these limited edition pieces fly off the shelves!

7) Cutting Boards

Are you looking for a unique and useful gift for house visiting gift on Chinese New Year? Look no further than our Chinese New Year Chopping Boards! Each board is engraved with the name of your choice – perfect for adding a personalized touch to any gathering!

These thoughtful gifts are made from high-quality bamboo, so they won’t scratch or discolor easily. The surface is smooth and food safe, making them a great addition to any kitchen. Plus, these boards have been thoughtfully designed with Chinese New Year designs with elements like peony, cherry blossoms, lucky cat, oriental elements, keeping your board in top notch pretty.

These boards also make excellent home décor items. Hang one in your kitchen to add an extra celebratory touch during the Chinese New Year season. Its simple yet elegant design fits perfectly in any décor style, adding that extra bit of cherished sentimentality to your home with affordable price. With its superior craftsmanship and timeless character, this chopping board makes an excellent gift that’s sure to be appreciated and treasured for years to come.

Bring joy and good luck into 2023 by gifting one of our extraordinary CNY Chopping Boards today!

8) CNY color balloons

What is a party without some helium balloons. Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in style with our CNY Helium Balloons! These colorful and festive balloons will liven up any celebration, making it one to remember. Our custom balloons come in several styles, from our 36-inch giant balloons, 24 inch decor bubble balloons to our metallic orbz balloons.

The CNY Helium Balloons are perfect for parties and big events, or simply to mend a little special festivity into your home. They feature vibrant designs that include iconic and auspicious symbol. Place some indoors as beautiful decorations and watch liveliness fill up the atmosphere! The helium filled balloons can be used both indoors and outside – no matter where you take them they’ll always look amazing.

Choose from a range of sizes, shapes and designs to create a truly eye-catching set-up for your event. Whether it is a family get together or an office gathering, these custom crafted balloons are sure to wow everyone with their vibrant colors and authentic designs. Bring some joyous energy into this blissful new year by picking up some of our CNY Helium Balloons today!

9) CNY Supplies and Decorations

For all your festive needs, we bring you the best Chinese New Year decoration ideas and party supplies. Let the celebration begin with our colorful red paper lanterns or any spring shades lanterns – they will bring bold and cheerful vibes to any space. They come in various sizes and shapes and look beautiful hung in any room. Our decorative coloured paper cutting fans come in various styles and colors, add a touch of elegance to your decor! For added fun, why not hang up some bright tassels? These tassels are made of lightweight and fluffy red paper so they will wiggle when the wind blows. Brighten up your party table with our happy-colored tablecloth. And don’t forget about our fun party tableware – it’s the perfect addition for making the most of your joyful occasion! Finish off the look with our tinsel curtains for a magical backdrop during this auspicious time. Shop now for these amazing decorations and make sure this Chinese New Year decorations is one to remember!

Whether you are looking for something special to give to friends, family and neighbours or something to celebrate the season with, our CNY Red Packets Designs are perfect. With its unique design including fat panda, Happy CNY lettering, Mahjong, and Huat Design– what could be better than this to put your money inside.

Misty Daydream has the ultimate solution. Based in Singapore, we offer an extensive range of personalised CNY gifts and decors that is sure to brighten anyone’s day and catch the eyes. Have a look at our collection today.  Shop to your heart’s content, and we’ll deliver your order to any address in Singapore.