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Customised Cheese Board – Singapore Gift Ideas

Introducing the Customised Cheese Board in Singapore – it’s time to get your so cheese platter on! Do you love hosting festive parties and dinner gatherings? Dress up your holiday table or dinner parties with a gourmet platter of tasty treats. But to even do so, you definitely can’t miss out on getting a good cheese board. Well, Misty Daydream is here to help you with that.

Create Your Own Artisanal Cheese Board

Our Customised Cheese Board is a great way to complement all the artisanal cheeses, fresh fruits, cured meats and dips on your lush platters. Unlike using a large palm leaf platter that is usually intended for one time use, our cheese board is made from bamboo wood. As such, they are reusable, sturdy and durable. This makes them perfect for prepping meals of all kinds, from simple snacks to gourmet feasts.

Personalised and creative designs are at the heart of everything we do. We offer a wide selection of designs, styles and fonts to choose from. With this, you can easily customise your very own cheese board to bring out your own artisanal flair onto the dinner table. You can be sure to WOW your guests with not only a delicious platter but also a unique cheese board underneath it! Shop our site online now!

The Perfect Cheese Board Gift For the Holiday Season

Say CHEESE! Do you see that sweet smile on your face? That’s what we are aiming for when you give your loved ones our customised cheese board. Cheese boards are the perfect gifts for the gift-giving season, Christmas. You may view our full collection of Christmas designs here.

Suitable for Different Types of Platters

Who says you can’t be like one of those fabulous cheese artisans out there? Well, not only do we want to provide you with unique and creative gift ideas, we’d love to help you fully utilise your customised cheese boards. Each set of cheese boards comes with 4 stainless steel cheese tools: a spade for spreading out soft cheeses, a knife for slicing, a chisel to cut slices off of harder cheeses and a serving fork.

Unlike how the product’s name itself suggests that it is meant to prepare a cheese platter, you can always take your creativity up a notch and put your unique cheese board for a different use.

Classic Artisanal Cheese Platter

For starters, what is a cheese platter without any artisanal cheese? You can consider artisanal cheeses like the crumbly goat cheese, or creamy brie or camembert. Don’t forget to add on crackers and your favourite bread for a delicious cheese spread.

Incorporating Grazing platters or Charcuterie Boards Ideas

Take your festive cheese platter up a notch by incorporating fresh fruit – think of commonly used fruits like grapes, figs or berries like strawberries. Nuts are a great way to add some crunch to your cheese board. And to add more fragrance, you can include signature dips like truffle oil or hummus. If you’d like to make your cheese board even more vibrant, you can add in veggies like olives or pickles.

Finally, who doesn’t love their meat! A charcuterie board isn’t complete without cured meats.

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