Customised Mug and Glass Cup in Singapore

The best gifts are those that are practical and thoughtful. We may crack our heads on what to get for a dear loved one, only to forget that the simplest ones are the most memorable. Here at Misty Daydream, we can prepare for you a customised mug or glass cup perfect for any type of gift-giving in Singapore.

A Sip of Creativity

Gifting a mug is not a new phenomenon. There are many mug fans out there who have kept in their homes an admirable shelf of mugs collected from all over the world. However, a customised one adds a different kind of magic – it makes it yours.

Having a customised mug in Singapore (or anywhere else in the world) is beneficial for two reasons. One, you have your own personalised mug in the office which only you can use. Two, it looks more than just pretty on your office desk.

Our customised glass cups are no different!

Little things like these go a long way in making an impact on a person’s day. We at Misty Daydream know just how it’s done.


Our customised mug available in Singapore is made from ceramic. It can hold liquid up to 11 oz, which is equivalent to about 300ml to 330ml. Like any standard mug size, it is 9cm in height with a width of 8cm. The glass cup can hold 500ml to 600ml of liquid. Taller than the mug, it is 12.5cm in height with a width of 6.5cm.

Practical Gifting With Misty Daydream

Whether you are customising the mug for a colleague’s birthday or designing a glass cup to use in the office, this gift will surely bring in the joy. Browse our collection of customised mugs as well as our unique glass cups available in Singapore. Please note that each customised mug you order in Singapore requires a lead time of five working days. This applies to our glass cups as well. You may choose to self-collect from our store in Singapore or have it delivered to you.

You can also request for a customised bottle in Singapore too. Say yes to more practical gift-giving!

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