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Acrylic Wedding Invitations | Custom Wedding Invitation Cards in Singapore

Looking for the perfect wedding invitation card or wedding stationery? To any wedding planner, acrylic wedding invitation cards are the perfect choice for couples planning their special day! Whether you’re looking for custom-designed wedding invitations or something more traditional, our wedding invitations are a beautiful way to announce your upcoming nuptials. And with our gorgeous existing templates, there is no need to engage with graphic design services nor be a professional designer to have eye-catching wedding invitations that would impress your guests!

These modern and sophisticated wedding invites will make an unforgettable first impression. Made from high quality acrylic materials, these thick and durable cards feature laser-engraved designs with exquisite detail. The clarity of the invitational words on the surface shines with sophistication and elegance in any setting – they truly are works of art that will set the tone for your special day.

Plus, our custom designs give you full control of what your invitation looks like. Choose from a range of fonts, colours and designs to choose what suits your wedding style and wedding theme.

Why Choose Our Wedding Invitations?

[Custom name] Wedding Invitation Acrylics Card – Design 6

Stunning & Elegant Wedding Invitation Card

Crafted from high-quality acrylic, our elegant wedding invitations are unique and super modern. The perfect design exudes a sense of luxury that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Each wedding invitation card is created to be absolutely perfect, it’s design process carefully lasercut and crafted for any wedding.

Durability and Keepsake Value

Unlike traditional paper wedding invitations, acrylic invitations are built to last. These wedding invites can become cherished keepsakes for you and your loved ones, serving as a reminder of your special day for years to come.

A Wedding Invitation Card That Stands Out

A wedding invitation card made from acrylic is a unique choice that will make your wedding memorable from the moment your guests receive their invitation. They are perfect for couples who want their wedding to stand out and be remembered.

With its custom design and design elements, you may send out this bespoke invitation to your friends, family and loved ones!

A Variety of Styles, Design Options and Colours

You don’t have to be a professional designer to create beautiful wedding cards that will impress everyone! Simply choose from the existing templates of our wedding invitation cards and you’re ready to customise these wedding invitations into your own.

Customise Your Own Wedding Invitation Card

Last but not least, you can have your own custom design for our wedding invitation card of course! Simply choose the specific designs that you prefer from our design options, whether it is something classic, rustic or you’d like a pop of colour, we have something for everyone!

Once you have chosen your wedding invitation card design, you may fill in the details such as the couple’s names, dates, location, etc.

Personalised Your Own Wedding Invitation Cards Today!

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Tired of regular wedding cards? Set the stage for a wedding that is as unique and extraordinary as your love story. Our wedding invitation cards promise to capture the essence of your special day and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Start personalising your wedding cards today in accordance to your wedding style and unveil the elegance of your unforgettable celebration.

Lead time would be at least 2 weeks and the specific designs mock-up will be provided via Whatsapp accordingly to the phrase provided .