[Baby Shower Set 5] – 24″ Personalised Designer Balloon + Crescent, Star & Latex Bouquet + Baby Boy/Girl Foil Bouquet Set + OH BABY in Gold Glitter


★ We have created these baby shower combo set to bring joy and fun to the occasion venue. You can also personalise names on the balloons to make it more meaningful.

Combo includes of

  • 1x 24″ Personalised Designer Balloon
  • 1x Crescent, Star & Latex Bouquet
  • 1x Baby Boy/Girl Foil Bouquet Set
  • 1x OH BABY in Gold Glitter

We recommend to self-collect/opt for delivery on the actual date of event due to floating rate.

We will only send design mock if order is placed at least 3 working day before the event date. Mock up will be send from our creative team via Whatsapp or email once the order has been successfully placed.
We do accept last minute order and it will follow to the listed design shown below 🙂



    We will work out the tassel & ribbon colour for your balloons else you may indicate the colour on the memo.

    Custom Name Baby Onesie Romper Baby bodysuit Smiley Star Design

    Recommend to add-on Baby Bodysuit with customised lead time of 7 working day via the link here. .




Product Description

Personalised Balloon

Size: 24inch

Crescent Foil Balloon

Size: 30inch

Star Foil Balloon

Size: 18inch

Balloons include string (Approximate 1.8m) and helium inflation with weight.

Floating time will be approx. 24 to 30 hours, depending on surrounding temperature and the handling methods. However, only to opt for collection/ delivery on the actual event date. They are made out of latex material, when put outdoors – over time the colour will degrade and will not be as shiny and crystal clear. Please keep indoors or air-conditioned room if possible.


Points to Note:

  • High temperature, exposure under the sun, friction and force etc will cause the balloon to deflate or explode.
  • Parental guidance is recommended for children to use the balloons.
  • Please discard defected balloons immediately.
  • Beware of thermal expansion and contraction under different weather conditions.
  • If there are small holes in the balloon and causes deflation, one could use tape to cover the holes and that should do the trick.
  • Avoid any sharp objects and edges when placing the balloons.

Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.



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