DIY Letters Light Box

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  • Lights Up
  • 30cm x 22cm x 6cm (A4 size)
  • 96 Black Letters and Symbols
  • Requires USB adaptor (included)
  • Or takes 6xAA Batteries (not included)

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Light Box,

Original OEM and font.

Original decoration use for home decoration, kids room, parties, birthday, wedding and etc. Can be used for decoration or as  a prop. Mix and match the letters and symbols (96 pieces!) as often as you want by sliding the plastic letters. The lightbox can stand and be used to hang on the wall.

Material: Black PVC surrounding

Size: A4 (30cm x 22cm x 6cm)


* Come with USB cable.

LED lightbox is suitable for batteries (6 x 1.5V AA) or USB Cable type (Power source can be draw from either power bank or attach with adaptor (9V DC500 mA) to the main plug) * (Batteries and Adaptor is not provided)


Basic Letters Set (96 cards)

Add on Basic Plus Set (48 cards)

Perfect addition to the basic set.

For dates, prices, birthdays, ideal to have all numbers. But how about a beautiful feather, a loveable panda head, a small teepee, tough batman or lightning and much more fun!

Add on Pastel Letters Plus Set (96 cards)

Add a touch of colour to to the lightbox with this special edition of pastel letters and symbols!

Mix them up with the black letters from basic set!

Add on Icons Plus Set (96 cards)

Additional information

Weight 1.186 kg
Dimensions 35.5 × 26 × 9 cm


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