`Wedding Aisle Explosive Burst 36 inch Jumbo Balloons with mini balloons stuffed


Love is in the air! Make your special day even more magical with our beautiful Wedding Aisle Burst balloons. Our lovely wedding balloons are sure to create a romantic atmosphere while making a grand entrance down the aisle and make it an unforgettable moment for you and your guests!

Perfect for any wedding, these wonderful pieces will add glorious radiance and bring out the best of both worlds – timeless romanticism combined with modern elegance. With countless color combinations available, there is something for everyone’s style. Enjoy being surrounded by love on one of the most memorable days of your life! Get these inspiring Wedding Aisle Burst balloons today!

Balloons will burst wireless with a press of triggle to the remote buttons. The switch control is wireless and can be programmed by bursting in “Pair” or “All” at once.

The current bundle package including helium inflation, mini balloons stuffed, delivery, setup, rental of remote & detonators :

  • 4pcs @ $499 (Est. 4 – 6m Aisle length)
  • 6pcs @ $649 (Est. 6 – 8m Aisle length)
  • 8pcs @ $799 (Est. 8 – 10m Aisle length)
  • 10pcs @ $999 (Above 10 – 16m Aisle length)

You may also add confetti or white feathers without any additional charges.

We guarantee 99% success burst rates and in the event that it does not burst, you pay nothing with this beautiful decoration down your Aisle.

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