4 Unique Customised Gifts For The Cooking Enthusiasts

Got a friend who loves to spend time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm? Or perhaps you’re looking for a lovely gift for the cook of your home? Let them know that they are on your mind by customising a special gift for them!

Most people are familiar with gifts like customised balloons or stationery. But we have something for the cooks – customisable kitchen-themed gifts! Suitable for any occasion, from Christmas to housewarming parties, these gifts are highly customisable, making them ideal as a thoughtful gesture to your loved ones (and this is just one of the many benefits of gifting customised gifts!). On top of being perfectly functional, they are also pretty enough to be used as décor items – super on-brand for that Masterchef-in-the-making!

Now, let’s cut to the chase and explore some of these personalised gift options for the passionate cooks in your life;


Cheese board

Cheese board

If your giftee is an avid cheese-lover (or someone who loves to serve up cheesy jokes), this will be an excellent gift choice for them.

Choose from a rectangle or square cheese board, which you can customise with a slogan or your recipient’s name to make it extra special. To top it all off, each cheese board comes with a set of stainless steel cheese tools that can be stored right inside the board – super nifty!


Cutting board

A cook can never have one too many cutting boards, or so they say. But there’s also a high chance that they will find this too pretty to use! Regardless, there will be a place for a cutting board in any cook’s home.

Cutting boards offer tons of personalisation space and possibilities, whether you like it festive-themed or personalised with a name. Need a creative idea? You can even immortalise one of their signature recipes as a design on the board!


Chopping board

Chopping board

Thicker and more heavy-duty than a cutting board, chopping boards are every cook’s go-to when they want to do some serious cooking. Their commanding presence also makes them perfect as a wall décor piece, telling everyone who’s the boss of the kitchen!

From retro to elegant typography layouts, the customisable chopping board can exude a myriad of personalities to fit any home. And rest assured – if your giftee is using this as an actual chopping board, you’ll be glad to know that the boards are made of bamboo wood that is oiled with food-grade mineral oil, making them perfectly food-safe.


Serving tray

Serving tray

He who likes to cook tends to love hosting as well! After all, what’s good food without the company? Help them add a personal touch when they serve up meals by gifting them these personalised serving trays.

And you’ll be warned: Get ready to be spoilt for choice as you decide whether to make it elegant and minimalistic or modern with a touch of humour. As this gift will be a fantastic conversation starter, don’t be surprised to see this out in action the next time you are over for a meal!



Any of these kitchen-themed gifts will be sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face and motivate them whenever they are in the kitchen! As there are so many options for customisation, there is bound to be one that fits every vibe. Getting this as a party gift? Add to the party vibes by getting some helium balloons to go along with the gift! For new moms, it is also appropriate to complete the gift with a baby hamper.

For more gift ideas and party décor, check out Misty Daydream, your one-stop party supplies shop in Singapore. It is our joy to make any celebration easier!