The Most Interesting And Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

The art of gifting is never just about the gift itself. To complete a thoughtful and meaningful gift, how you wrap it matters too!

If you want to take it up a notch, gift wrapping is a serious art – from fanciful folds to ribbon-tying techniques, it takes practice to wrap the perfect, beautiful gift. But most of us aren’t experts; sometimes, we just need a creative idea to make our gift stand out a little more.

So, from the whacky to the ‘wow’, here are some wonderful, unique ways to wrap that gift up.


Upcycled paper bag 

Got too many paper bags from shopping or deliveries? Upcycle them into environmentally-friendly wrapping!

For casual gifting, you don’t even need to hide the fact that you’re using a shopping paper bag – it could make for a good joke at your next Secret Santa event. If you want it to look more presentable, try decorating it with some ribbons or a natural jute string for that rustic touch.


Japanese style wrap

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese method of wrapping items. It is commonly used to wrap gifts, as a way to transport goods, or for bringing bento lunches to work. You can even use it as a pretty way to wrap a baby hamper for gifting!

All you need is a piece of nice, patterned fabric that is big enough. Then, you can simply wrap up your gift and tie the corners of the fabric to secure it – no tape needed! This idea works well if you have scrap pieces of fabric at home. Or, you could let the wrapper double up as part of the gift by using a lovely tea towel, scarf, or other cloth items.


Sheet music 

Know a music lover? Show your thoughtfulness by wrapping their gift in sheet music paper – better still, if it’s one of their favourite songs! Alternatively, look for music relevant to the occasion, such as Christmas tunes to wrap Christmas gifts. Whether you’re choosing a Christmas gift for a new date or a birthday gift for a close friend, wrapping their gift in sheet music paper is bound to spark conversation and have them appreciate your unique gift wrap!

You can find sheet music easily just by googling for free scores online. Alternatively, if you have some old scores lying around at home, you can save on printing costs and simply reuse what you have.


Word search wrapping paper 

Making your own personalised wrapping paper can be easy, even if you are not a ‘crafty’ person. This creative idea involves printing out a word search puzzle onto paper, including words that are relevant to the occasion.

For example, you can add your greeting and the name of your giftee, either highlighting it for emphasis or letting your recipient hunt for it themselves. And no, you don’t have to manually make the word search yourself – there are word search generators you can use online!



Gift wrapping should not be an afterthought. It’s not simply a way to conceal your present, but part of the gift presentation itself! For your next gift-giving occasion, why not try out some of these interesting gift-wrapping ideas to impress your friends and loved ones?

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