How to Blow Up Confetti Balloons without Helium?


Confetti balloons are a great way to add excitement and festiveness to any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to spruce up a gathering, confetti balloons can help create that perfect atmosphere. But if you don’t have helium on hand, what’s the point? Don’t worry…you can still make your own fabulous confetti balloons without the need for helium gas! Here’s how.




What You Will Need

To begin with, you will need some long skinny balloons (about 12 inches in length), preferably in assorted colours; tissue paper cut into small squares; double-sided tape; and scissors. That should be all you need!

Step 1: Fill Your Balloons

Take one of your tissue paper squares and roll it up tightly in your hand. When it is as tight as possible, drop it inside the balloon before tying of the end with a knot. Repeat this process until the balloon is full of colourful confetti pieces. For more visual impact, fill each balloon with two or three different colours of tissue paper.




Add Confetti  Using funnel (or spoon) drop confetti inside each balloon until they are filled 1/3 of their capacity. Shake gently so that confetti settles on the bottom of each balloon then using either an electric or manual air pump, attach the nozzle of the pump to the opening of the balloon and begin filling it with air. Make sure not to overfill; it should be full but not too tight. Tie off securely with knot; making sure to double-knot before tying off completely. This will ensure that none of your confetti escapes while being moved around during your event!




Step 2: Attach Double-sided Tape

Next, take some double-sided tape and attach it to a wall or doorframe at varying heights – make sure that the sticky side faces outwards towards the room. This will be where you will hang your completed balloons – so get creative!




Step 3: Hang Your Balloons

Take each balloon filled with confetti and carefully hang them from their knots onto the double-sided tape strips that you already applied to the wall/doorframe. Once complete, stand back and admire your work – voila! You now have a fabulous display of confetti party decorations without having to use any helium gas whatsoever!




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With just a few simple steps and minimal supplies, you can easily create beautiful and festive confetti balloons without using helium! Not only does this save money on purchasing helium tanks or hiring professionals for the job – but it’s also much more eco-friendly than using an expensive gas like helium which has been linked to global warming.




Creating colourful confetti balloons doesn’t have to involve expensive helium tanks or complicated instructions – all it takes is some creative decorating ideas and a few basic supplies like balloons, tissue paper, double-sided tape, and scissors. In just a few simple steps, you can turn any room into an exciting party space without having to break the bank on helium tanks or other costly decorations. So go ahead – get creative and show everyone how easy it is to throw together an amazing event without breaking the bank!


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