What to Put in a Christmas Gift Basket?

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further than Misty Daydream! We specialise in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift baskets that are sure to please anyone on your list. Not sure what to put in a Christmas gift basket? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas from Misty Daydream

1. Pick Your Theme

The first step in creating the perfect holiday gift basket is to choose a theme. What is the recipient interested in? What will make them smile? Once you’ve decided on a theme, the rest of the process will be a breeze.


Custom Name Custom Subtext Christmas Gift Wooden Keepsake Box Christmas Wreath Design

Custom Name Custom Subtext Christmas Gift Wooden Keepsake Box Christmas Wreath Design

2. Choose Your Products Carefully

Of course, the quality of the products you choose is just as important as the quantity. When selecting items for your holiday gift basket, be sure to choose items that are high quality and well-made. At Misty daydream, we only stock products that meet our high standards, so you can rest assured that anything you choose from our store will be loved by the recipient.


Christmas Serving Box - Gift Box, Personalised Egg Glass, Engraved Serving tray, Gift Card


3. Fill Your Basket to Overflowing

Once you’ve selected all of the ingredients for your holiday gift basket, it’s time to put it all together. Begin by filling the bottom of the basket with crumpled tissue paper or shredded paper to help keep everything in place. Then start adding your goodies one by one, arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. Be sure to leave some room at the top of the basket so that it’s not too tightly packed—you want there to be room for recipients to see everything that’s inside.



Include a Festive Touch Finally, don’t forget to include a festive touch like a sprig of evergreen or a small ornament. By following these simple tips, no matter who you’re shopping for, we hope this list has given you some inspiration for what to include in a Christmas gift basket from Misty Daydream. Our baskets are thoughtfully curated and beautifully presented, making them ideal for anyone on your list. So, what are you waiting for? Shop today and take the stress out of holiday shoppingMerry Christmas!


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